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October 06, 2009

If you see any annoying ads, please let us know ASAP

Thanks to one of our readers for sending us a quick email about an annoying ad showing up! If you see any annoying ads, please don't be shy, let us know! In order to quickly figure out where the offending ad is coming from, be sure to include the following in your email:

1) which blog/sub-blog you saw the offender
2) which part of the site (left sidebar, right sidebar, etc)
3) this is very important: mouse-over the ad and Copy the target url. With Firefox this is "Copy Link Location". With IE, it is "Copy Shortcut", with Chrome it is "Copy Link address". This helps us narrow down the source of the ad. (Macromedia Flash usually doesn't have this option)
4) A description or even better a screenshot of the ad
5) where is your computer (eg USA, India, Ireland, Brazil, etc)

We try to block as many of these type of ads as possible, unfortunately the way the advertising eco-system is set up, it is impossible to do so 100% of the time. Which is why we appreciate your help in pointing them out to us!

It would be really nice not to have to run ads at all, and instead run this blog like PBS for cameras. Unfortunately unless Paul Allen or Bill Gates or Warren Buffet find some spare change in their couch that they want to throw at the blogosphere, this is impossible.

Plus, a number of states are going the "affiliate tax" route, which further complicates things.

The core of the issue is that almost everybody hates ads, and almost everybody doesn't want to pay for "web stuff", but almost everybody wants interesting things to read, new news, frequent updates, etc, etc.

If anyone has any practical and realistic alternatives, we are all ears :-)

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