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October 19, 2009

Canon's new 1D Mark IV is officially announced!

The wait is over, and the Canon 1D Mark IV is now officially announced! It is Canon's answer to the Nikon D3s, although they do not have the same sensor size among other things.

Canon 1D Mark IV is officially announced
+ Preview at CNet Asia. The crops posted were removed at the request of Canon, just like the Vincent Laforet video.

+ Practice your Swedish with this 10-minute video of the camera launch at Kamera & Bild. (The interviewer is not bribing them with M&Ms/Smarties, he is holding a microphone!)

+ dpreview finally posts their 1D Mark IV article. No hands-on preview however.

+ Amazon has just turned on pre-orders for the Mark IV ($5000)

+ A look at the menus and other preview-y things at Photo Review (also Mk3 vs Mk4 comparison table)

+ Hot news for the Canon 5D Mark II Users: Canon is promising a firmware update for the 5DMk2 that will give it 24p and 25p 1080p video. Expected release is the first half of 2010. Better later than never? [5DMk2 News!]

+ Japanese coverage at DC Watch

+ extensive and detailed look at the new auto-focusing system by Canon [translation: we now "apologize" for the Mark III AF issues?] (boldovision font size with some browsers)

+ the new softer side of Canon - they are so considerate, they have videos downsampled for iPod and iPhone :) (via FM forums) [these are promotional videos OF the camera, not sample videos taken _with_ the camera]

+ chaotic mega-thread at Fred Miranda

+ five sample pictures and one sample movie from Canon Japan - via dpreview forums

+ Galbraith including mention of 1080p video at ISO 100K.

+ Preview at Imaging Resource

+ Laforet's first impressions and full 1080p video hosted at Smugmug along with Vimeo.

+ Canon calls it ultimate multimedia solution

+ nothing on dpreview yet (!)

+ Laforet says in the comments section of his post (see below) "get used to ISO 12800" (Laforet's website is slow to load)

+ It looks like Bloom's sources were not so good - they said 1D Mark V

1D Mark IV price and availability
+ Price is $5000 (USA) with a late December release (available for pre-order at Amazon but no pre-orders)

+ UK price is 4200 GBP says BJoP

+ Continental Europe price is 5300 euro says Focus Numerique

+ nothing else is announced (eg no lenses, no other cameras)


Background Story - before the announcement
Vincent LaForet, who you may recall from the 5DMk2 Reverie video, has posted a rather cryptic message on his website, that something very interesting is coming at midnight New York City time tonight.

We of course not know anything, but we are purely speculating that Laforet may have some sort of a video or something from the new Canon 1D.

Perhaps one can find clues by reading some of Laforet's recent blog posts...

Please note that there is no guarantee that the next 1D will be announced tonight, so please don't stay up all night just because of our speculation. Blame Vincent Laforet instead :) Our regular readers may recall the epic "Bridge to nowhere" wait for the Pentax K20D in Dubai (which never arrived).

As you may, or may not recall, PDN Photo Plus kicks off on Thursday October 22, and it is probably to Canon's benefit to announce this camera as early as possible, so they can bring more people and attention to their PDN Photo Plus booth! Especially since they are bolting out of PMA 2010.

We have one more blog-post to finish, and then we will go into "waiting" mode.

Meanwhile, there are waves and waves of potential spec-summaries for the alleged camera at Canon Rumors. You may experience some slowness due to the excitement of Canon users!

And if you need any confirmation, DP Interface has just began a "Canon event" live coverage.

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