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October 01, 2009

Canon 7D - the floodgates are opening up

Time once again to dive into the world of the Canon 7D and see what is going on. This update is now final!

Late Edition
To make it easier for those who already read through most of the stuff below, we are posting all the new stuff in the Late Edition. The earlier posts are in the "Early Edition".

From the 50D to the 7D
There are two separate first-impression reports on the POTN forums, where photographers are going to the 7D from the 50D, and they are sharing what they found out. First up, the report from "TeamSpeed", and next, another one, which includes a couple of high ISO samples.

And a bonus round, this one is 5DMk2 vs 7D, also at the POTN forums, starting with five-points and continuing ten pages long.

More 7D action
We start with another "dark frame" thread, a popular item in the pixel-peeper circles. They are the Crocs of pixel-peeping ;-)

How about ISO 6400? How would an 18mp APS-C sensor do? It's not a comparison, just pictures and crops.

If you are tired of the 7D-talk, and want a "safe place" to discuss non-7D EOS, the forums appear to be "safe" from 7D-mania at the moment. Here is one thread to ponder and think about - top ten Canon lenses.

Via the LL forums, here is a time-lapse with the 7D, in New York City, by Mike Kobal. Brass band included!

And some impulse buy action, which results in a few crops comparing ISO performance between the 40D and the 7D. In the POTN forums.

She's here! She's here! This photographer had his camera delivered to a National Park!

This DC Resource thread recaps some of the many ISO comparison crops posted across the interwebs. Discussion follows...

Early Edition
Ira Block is posting his early first impressions on the camera, guest-hosted at the Picture Story blog. One of the things Ira tried in his early testing was ISO 1600 of the 5DMk2 vs the 7D. He writes his opinions and includes crops of a sample portrait.

A hands-on report with the actual camera is posted at the Learn SLR blog - check it out.

The 7D had a music adventure, recording pictures at the Aqualounge. Discussion in the forums.

7D the video camera
Akihabara News features two videos taken with the 7D by Florent Porta.

Meet and greet with Philip Bloom in London, where he will be sneak-peaking his new educational DVD "Shoot Great 7D video". More on his blog.

In-forum first impressions
These are first impressions of new owners that just got their cameras and are sharing in the forums.

+ bronxbombers

+ six points

+ One photographer decided to run some early AF tracking tests which are discussed in the forums and samples are posted at Smugmug.

Some are very unhappy with the current 7D price.

The Pixel-Peeper Challenge
One photographer at the dpreview forums recorded 150MB worth of black frames and has made them available for anyone who wants to download and analyze.

A comparison between the 10D and 70D samples is the topic of this thread. You can also check the samples, but beware, they sting! (Why 10D you ask? That's the camera the photographer had at his disposal).

One forum user yearns for the days of "ruler pictures". Be careful what you wish for!

Availability updates
Early pre-orderers appear to be getting their cameras shipped from various retailers. As far as new inventory, we'll run a check of the stock-status matrix later on. NewEgg, which had an October-1st date on its site went from pre-order to auto-notify in-between our checks. We can't check every site every 30 seconds :)

There are good news for the lensaholics however, the 100mm f2.8L Macro with hybrid-IS lens is shipping from J&R World for $1050.

We just finished a refresh of the 7D stock-status matrix, other than the lens mentioned above, the other 7D body-parts are in pre-order status. Except for the LP-E6 battery which is shipping from multiple places (this is the battery used in the 5DMk2).

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