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October 23, 2009

A day in the life of the Canon S90 is

Meet the new Panasonic LX3? With Panasonica dropping the supply-side ball on the LX3, the doors are open wide for another camera to steal the hearts of compactographers, and the Canon S90is is one of the candidates. So let's see some of the latest action!

We start at Imaging Resource, where they keep the pixel-peepers happy with waves and waves of new samples. Today they have posted around 40 test-sample pictures from their usual studio test-scenes, and half of them are also available as RAW (.CR2). These are also compatible with the Comparometer, so you can compare them to your camera of choice and see how they stack up.

You may have seen the new wave of samples if you are already following the Community Feed (left siderbar of every page and news-block at the top of main blog), but if you haven't, fear not, here they are, waves and waves of real-world pictures and impressions at J. Stuart Studios. If you have a photography-priority blog, you are welcome to join the Community feed. We already feature non-stop camera-talk on this blog, so the Community Feed is geared (no pun intended) towards photography-priority blogs.

The S90is action picks up at Radiant Lite with a first look at the camera along with a nice gallery of cityscape photography (pictures available at full-size).

Then off we go to Wired, where they post their take on the camera. We'll give them the benefit of the doubt since their main audience are geek generalists who don't necessary follow digital cameras closely, but still, they seem to have reviewed it as if it was an Elph/Ixus/Ixy :)

Next, we visit the dpreview forums where a photographer shares his journey from the S90is to the G11, and brings up the S90is "flex" issue. In this case, flex is not a good thing!

And a discussion relating to the S90is, including the great Ken Rockwell, and such. Please feel free to mix-in a few paragraph breaks while reading it :)

Canon S90is shipping!
We have some good news in terms of availability! Four different well-known online sellers with a brick-and-mortar presence have the camera in-stock and shipping for $430. You can see them all at the just-refreshed Canon S90is stock-status matrix.

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