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September 03, 2009

The new Stanford experiment: open-source Frankencamera

The internets are buzzing with a new open-source digital camera project originating out of Stanford, the University of quarterbacks and company founders ;-) The camera prototype shown now is based on the lovely Penguin (Linux), a Texas Instruments motherboard, a Nokia N95 camera module and Canon lenses.

While this prototype is using a Nokia N95 module, the Plan is to be create a platform that can use even DSLR-size sensors! SLR Traditionalists and Restrictionists, your time has come, your stonewalling days are almost over - power to the people ;-)

Read all about it at:
+ Stanford News
+ Info Sync World
+ Imaging Insider
+ Camera 2.0
+ The professor likes the Nokia N95 (gallery)

This is not just R&D, it may get mass-produced
According to the official Stanford press release, professor Marc Levoy is working on finding outside manufacturers to produce these in quantity, hoping for a sub-$1000 price tag. They will also provide these at cost to other researchers and students.

Here at the Noisy Labs, a research facility with countless virtual researchers and students, we will gladly take one :-)

Stanford is not alone in this project, also participating are the nearby Nokia Research Center, with involvement and/or support from Adobe, HP, Kodak and Disney.

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