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September 07, 2009

The New Dubliners - Canon 7D 24p video by Philip Bloom

Convergence artist Philip Bloom has just posted a brand new 24p Canon 7D video shot in Ireland. You can see the video on Vimeo with HD turned ON, and get a behind the scenes look and discussion at Bloom's blog. (PS: The actual name of the video is "Dublin's People"). You may recognize the main theme tune, it is Thin Lizzy's Whiskey in the Jar.

Meanwhile, Luminous Landscape is working towards a 7D field report, and they also reveal that they have seven reviews in the pipeline, starting with a new review on ...Wednesday.

Now, this is only us reading between the lines, but something else is happening on Wednesday as well. Coincidence or not? :)

And speaking of convergence, Planet 5D has a video interview with Vincent Laforet who was the creative mind behind the Canon 5DMk2 "Reverie" video that made 35mmFF-DSLR video popular. Of course if you ask Sony marketing, they might as well tell you it's just another consumer thing.

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