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September 22, 2009

Testing the Olympus E-P1 auto-focus with the new firmware (updated)

One of our readers asked yesterday at the mini-site whether anyone has reviewed the Olympus E-P1 with the new firmware. It looks like at least one website has, as the blog of PC-Magazine has just posted their findings after re-testing the camera's autofocus with the new firmware. For this test, they used the standard 14-42mm kit lens. Read on to find out what they found out.

And of M43rds interest, here are a few web-size urban-landscape photos from Japan taken with the GF1 by Permanent Traveller on flickr.

UPDATE! Another website has done some testing of the E-P1 with the new firmware. Check out Focus Numerique. They tested with both the 14-42mm and 17mm pancake. This is written in French.

UPDATE #2: Robert E. in the comments points to another E-P1 firmware comparison by the Prince of Darkness himself. And another one that tasks the C-AF with tracking kids. The PoD draws a distinction between performance improvements between the two AF drive modes.

UPDATE #3: One more pre/post-firmware update, this one presented with a video visual as well, at The Amateur Photographer blog.

UPDATE #4: A new review is out at Photography Savvy which includes specific testing with the new firmware version 1.1!

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