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September 07, 2009

Sony interested in compact interchangeable lens system (but not joining M43rds)

The big semi-news of the day comes from Amateur Photographer again, where they interview Sony officials who say they are paying attention to the success of Micro Four Thirds, and have "interest" in compact interchangeable lens systems. The Sony officials were careful not to reveal specifics (eg are they actually working on such a system? are they planning to? are they considering it? are they just throwing stuff out there to make it look like they were not left behind, etc etc), however, they went out of their way to point out that they are not joining Micro Four Thirds, but instead would come up with a Sony-Style solution. Let's just hope the sensors from the A350/A380 are NOT included in those plans ;-)

It's also funny how they trash-talk the Samsung NX-series! I guess their nothing-announced can take better pictures than the behind-glass NX-prototype? ;-)

The latest Sony line-ups do not have any compact digital cameras above the mid-range, so in theory they would have more to gain by such a system. Canon has the G-series and Panasonic the LX-series, but the days of Sony-Minolta fixed-lens serious cameras are in the history books. No more A-series, V-series, F-series or R-series :-(

With all the rumors swirling around, the Imaging Insider sets up the stage leading up to the Leica Big Bang of 9/9/09.

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