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September 10, 2009

Something new from Canon on September 29 (will it be camera-related? (update: NO!))

Piggy-backing on the Leica attention-wagon, Canon is (indirectly as usual) letting the world know that something is happening on September 29, something Canon Sweden calls the "one of the largest and most important launches". And to add more allure to the bait, they provide a box covered with a red cloth. It is worth noting however, that this is not necessarily camera-related, it could be one of the other Canon business units!

Considering that very little is revealed by a symbolic box, it is open-season for speculation! Maybe it's a Jonas Brothers edition of the Canon SD1200is? ;-) Maybe Movits is writing the new modern-era corporate theme song? Some of the speculation that is flying around:

+ 1D Mark IV or (and/or) 1Ds Mark IV
+ unified 1D series camera
+ new line of products
+ major upgrades/changes
+ 3D (model name, not three-dimensional) DSLR
+ medium format
+ mirrorless small-size interchangeable lens system
+ Cinema ("RED Killer") project - thus the red colors of the brochure!
+ video-related (not DSLRs)
+ "insert your favorite speculation" here

Check it out in the forums
+ Fred Miranda with bonus discussion on whether the 5DMk2 is a professional camera
+ dpreview forums
+ CanonRumors forum

Update Friday Sept 11: BUBBLE BURST?
PDN Pulse is pointing out that the names of the people mentioned in the Canon Sweden invitation are involved with a different Canon business group, one that is not related with digital cameras and camcorders. It's more of "The Office" group, so perhaps expect a singing paperclip :(

But let's not lose hope! Every day is a day that a new announcement could see the light of day (or not) :)

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