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September 14, 2009

Review Train (so many cameras, so little time edition)

To cover a lot of ground, we have brought back the "Review Train", because the railroad is the future! Let's see some recent reviews of interest on some of the dozens and dozens of 2009 camera models. But first...

Don't you forget about us sing the Four Thirds users, and certainly PhotoZone has not forgotten them, as they have just published a review of the versatile Digital Zuiko 12-60mm f2.8-4 ED. This is a classic three-page PhotoZone review, with the conclusions and full-size sample pictures on the third page. No spoilers here, but Panasonic L10 fans will be thrilled that their favorite camera was used as the "enabler" of the review.

Then we move to a superzoom double-header at Photo Review, where they have published back-to-back reviews of the two new Canon superzooms! First up, the mid-range SX20 IS, followed by the affordable compact-zoom SX120 IS. Both take AA batteries, in contrast to Panasonic who sleeps with the LiIons and likes to change the locks too ;-)

Next up, we have a camera that hasn't received a lot of review attention, despite its cool-looking analog gauges. But it has just received a new four-page review at Radiant Lite, so be sure to check it out if you are curious about this Samsung camera!

Then we jump to one of Samsung's partners, Pentax, where one of their bang for the buck DSLRs, the K2000/K-m is getting reviewed by Rice High. The review includes plenty of sample pictures, and something that might be extremely useful for new owners of the camera, a long discussion of favorite settings and tips and tricks. Something you don't always find in camera reviews - laid out in an easy to follow manner for beginners.

Sure, the new Leicas are getting all the attention, but Photography Blog has not forgotten about the Leica M8.2, and they have posted a review. The M8.2 of course is now under extreme pressure, with the Holy Grail 35mmFF M9 coming up, and the APS-C Leicas facing new-model extinction as you can surmise from this 70-minute interview the Leica chief gave to photography reviewers.

We could go on for another four hours, but then this would become unreadably long! We will have something else review-related in the next couple of hours that covers a mount that is not mentioned in this post :)

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