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September 24, 2009

Pentax K7: Making of, reviews, and more

It's been a while since we had a proper Pentax K7 round-up, so it is time to catch up with some of the latest happenings! With more manufacturers announcing new DSLRs that fit the traditional mold - size/weight being directly proportional to advanced features, the Pentax K-7 appears to be catching its second wind.

Making of the Pentax K-7
OK 1000 has a new series of articles featuring write-ups from Pentax Japan employees who were involved with the design of the K7. The first article features the commentary of a product designer, and the second article features a user interface designer.

Pentax K-7 Reviews
Two of the review mega-sites have the K7 in the pipeline. Simon Joinson mentioned in the dpreview forums that their K-7 review is coming up, while DC Resource has just posted sample pictures, with a review being the next one in their schedule!

Meanwhile, at The Online Photographer, Gordon Lewis [blog] is posting a three-part review of the Pentax K-7. Already review part #1 and part #2 are posted! The exciting conclusion (which will include ISO and IQ talk) is coming up in the next few days!

And in the forums, a review in a Dutch magazine is discussed.

For previous reviews, be sure to check the DSLR Review Organizer.

More K7 action
Chasing Light, the blog of Mark D, has captured some surfing pictures with the camera. And some from Malibu.

If you are curious about the camera, or already have it, Yvon Bourque's e-book is out, and he is offering a 75-page PDF sample. Page #2 has its own color-selector, but unlike the K-x, in this case, it is a chapter selector :) It turned out to be a prophetic chapter-color-selector!

And if you feel like pixel-peeping, Foto Actualidad points to an ISO comparison between it and the Canon 7D. The battle of the 7s!

Best price right now: $1197
We have also refreshed the K-7 stock-status matrix, and the best price continues to be $1200 $1182 (as of 9pm EST) for the body-only by Amazon et al.

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