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September 12, 2009

Panasonic GF1 and M43 lenses stock-status matrix

Now that the Panasonic GF1 has been officially announced, it is time to take a look at the latest stock status using our handy stock-status-matrix format. Currently it is in the pre-order stage. In the US market, only the black kits are available for pre-order at the moment. The estimate is for October shipping. You can learn more about the camera by check its list of reviews at the DSLR Review Organizer, or check out the new mini-site that focuses on Micro Four Thirds reviews and nothing else, You may also be interested in the E-P1 stock-status matrix, along with the ones for the E-P2 and the brand new E-PL1.

Latest Update: Mon June 28 at 9:39pm EST - GF1 with 14-45mm includes a free LVF1 viewfinder for $745 at a couple of retailers... camera body prices remain relatively stable, but lenses are pulling a disappearing act once again

Panasonic GF1/GH1 stock-status matrix
Panasonic Camera KitsIn-StockPre-Order
GF1 w/20mm pancake ($900)J&R World ($725)
Adorama ($725)
Vanns ($770)
OneCall ($793)
Abt Electronics ($797)
B&H Photo ($800)
Amazon ($801)
GF1 w/14-45mm ($900)Amazon ($744 w/free LVF1)
B&H Photo ($744 w/free LVF1)
Vanns ($750)
J&R World ($750)
Adorama ($749)
OneCall ($800, special order) (3rd parties)
Abt Electronics (discontinued)
GH1 w/14-140mm ($1500)J&R World ($960)
Amazon ($1190)
Adorama ($1190)
B&H Photo ($1190)
Vanns ($1240) (3rd parties)
OneCall ($1500, special order)

Panasonic M43 lenses and friends stock-status matrix
20mm f1.7 pancake ($400)Amazon ($400 via 3rd parties)
J&R World
B&H Photo ($355)
Adorama ($369)
45mm f2.8 Leica Macro ($900)J&R World
B&H Photo
14-45mm kit zoom ($350)J&R World
Amazon (3rd parties)
7-14mm f4 ($1100)Adorama ($1000)
B&H Photo ($1000, listed)
J&R World
14-140mm f4-5.8 ($850)Amazon ($777 via 17th Street)Adorama ($789)
B&H Photo ($789, listed)
J&R World
45-200mm f4-5.6Amazon ($325+ via 3rd parties)Adorama ($281)
B&H Photo ($281)
J&R World ($289)
OneCall ($298)
DMW-LVF1 (viewfinder) ($200)Amazon
J&R World

1. This table (prices, stock-status) is not updated automatically. Please check the "latest update" at the top of the page to see when the last update happened.
2. B&H Photo does not accept pre-orders but it is listing the cameras on their website. That's why you see the (listed) next to their name.
3. As with any blog-post, this may contain typos or errors, so as always please be sure to double-check.

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