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September 15, 2009

Nikon working on APS-C compact using Sony sensor of Leica X1?

Leonard Goh at CNet Asia has some interesting developments that will please fans of fixed-lens compact cameras with APS-C sensors! At the press event in Singapore, a Leica regional director said that the sensor used in the X1 is Sony-made and that it will be used in an upcoming Nikon APS-C digital camera! You can also see pictures from the launch event.

That would certainly spice things up in the fixed-lens camera world, especially if Nikon has learned its lesson from the Coolpix P6000 RAW-fiasco and doesn't try to otherwise cripple such a camera in order to "protect" DSLR sales.

It is indeed quite interesting, and perhaps a testament to "SLR Protectionism" that despite the hundreds of new camera models announced each year (a lot of which are completely unnecessary clones), the number of fixed-lens cameras with sensors larger than 2/3" can be counted on just one hand: The two Sigma DP models, the just-announced Leica X1, and of course big-daddy Sony R1.

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