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September 21, 2009

New Panasonic GF1 and GH1 reviews today!

Welcome to the Panasonic Micro Four Thirds alphabet-soup party! We have not one, but two reviews, of two similarly named, yet quite different digital cameras!

Starting with the newest of the two, and hot off the e-wires is the technically-oriented review by Margaret Brown at Photo Review. This includes plenty of Imatest results to satisfy the technically-hungry photographers interested in the GF1. As usual, we won't spoil the findings here, but for those who can't wait to read the whole review, the conclusions and buy/don't-buy segment is three-fourths (not four-thirds) down the review page ;-)

UPDATE: Photo Review has also posted a lens-review , meet the new Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake lens. This is the Micro Four Thirds lens announced and bundled together with one of the two GF1 one-lens kits.

Next up, the video-priority Panasonic GH1 gets its own review, at technology review site Digital Camera Review. They have recently switched to a three-page format, with the conclusions being on the last page. No spoilers here either!

For more Micro Four Thirds reviews, be sure to check the Review Organizer (, or if you prefer your Micro Four Thirds reviews in a stream, be sure to check our recently-launched single-minded mini-site, It may be hard to believe, but we have managed to keep it on message and not divert to noisy-chaos ;-)

In terms of availability, the Panasonic GH1 is in a find-me-if-you-can mode. We checked a handful of the retailers we track on a regular basis and nobody has it in-stock. But Amazon has it in temporarily out of stock status. However, there is no hard-wired shipping estimate.

There is however a shipping estimate for the Panasonic GF1 kit with the 14-45mm zoom lens. Amazon estimates that it will ship on September 24, which according to our calculations is this Thursday.

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