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September 2009 (200 posts)

September 30: 28 cameras win Good Design Awards 2009 in Japan
September 30: Comparing Nikon-mount DX superzoom lenses
September 30: Top two Sony Cybershots get reviewed today: WX1 and HX1
September 30: Fuji reveals USA price for the W1 Real 3D camera and V1 viewer
September 30: Sony Alpha A550 high-ISO comparison (1600 to 12800)
September 30: Two new Panasonic GF1 reviews are out (GF1 zoom kit now shipping from two retailers!)
September 30: Panasonic suspends LX3 firmware update (announces v2.1 for Oct-20)
September 30: (SOLD OUT) Canon 100mm f2.8L macro Hybrid IS for $1050
September 29: Pentax K-7 review just posted at DC Resource (updated)
September 29: (SOLD OUT) Canon 7D body-only now shipping for $1700
September 29: Canon 7D: Waiting for the floodgates to open
September 29: New Nikon D300s review and hands-on report
September 29: The Pentax K-7 trilogy is complete at TOP
September 29: Leica M9 review by Steve Huff
September 29: Canon Big Daddy (1Ds Mk3) gets a new review
September 29: And the winner of the TypePad blog-hosting contest is ...
September 29: Canon confirmed out of PMA 2010
September 29: New Panasonic FZ38/FZ35 review (and review-cluster created)
September 29: Panasonic GH1 reviewed, returns in-stock at $1500
September 28: Nikon D90 discount still alive ($810 body, $1080 w/18-105)
September 28: Two new Pentax K7 reviews from Europe
September 28: Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX on full-frame DSLRs? (review by Ryan Brenizer)
September 28: Leaked: "real" camera-phone from Samsung (SCH-W880)
September 28: Luminous Landscape reports on the GF1, LVF1, and 20mm pancake
September 28: New Panasonic LX3 firmware version 2.0 is released
September 28: New Phase One 645DF medium format camera
September 28: Hasselblad explains "True Focus" of their new HD4-series (updated)
September 27: Canon 7D price check
September 27: Picture #9000 in the flickr pool
September 27: Pbase down for three days and counting
September 27: Sony A850 review at Let's Go Digital
September 27: Buy Olympus E520 or E3 get $239 Philips 9.4-inch digital picture frame for FREE!
September 27: Leica X1 beta review by Andrew Chan
September 27: Canon 7D gets closer - B&H now accepting orders
September 27: Weekly rewind + Contest deadline is Monday morning (9am NYC time)
September 27: Nikon D300s review at Camera Labs
September 26: Olympus E-P1 review completed at Imaging Resource (delay explained)
September 26: Panasonic GF1 test images by Imaging Resource (loads of them!)
September 26: Now shipping: Panasonic 7-14mm and Nikon D3000 body-only
September 26: Luminous Rant: The fallacy of IQ cacophony begs for an epiphany
September 25: Nikon D90 deal alert: $810 (body-only), $1080 (w/18-105 DX VR)
September 25: The week in Canon 7D action
September 25: New Hasselblad H4D launched at the Kennedy Space Center
September 25: dpreview reviews the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake
September 24: And the winner of the contest is...
September 24: Pentax K7: Making of, reviews, and more
September 24: Luminous first look at the Canon 7D
September 24: Canon G11 sample images at dpreview (45 full-size)
September 24: Canon S90is returns at Amazon (previous orders get apology+discount)
September 24: Everybody wants in the DSLR pie: New Lomography lens adapters
September 24: As the Micro Four Thirds world turns: Updates on GF1, E-P1, GH1 and G1
September 23: Sigma DP2 and bokeh (bonus segment at Serious Compacts)
September 23: New instant film camera from Fuji: Instax Mini 7s
September 23: I can has a music video too says the Canon 1D Mark III
September 23: Short Nikon D300s review at Akihabara News
September 23: Two short Fuji W1 (3D camera system) reviews
September 23: Google strikes PSE8 with new Picasa 3.5
September 22: Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 announced (and already shipping)
September 22: In-stock alert: Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX for $200
September 22: Over 60 full-size Nikon D300s test-samples (many NEF) at IR
September 22: Testing the Olympus E-P1 auto-focus with the new firmware (updated)
September 22: Chase Jarvis launches multimedia iPhone photography project
September 22: Something rare: Medium format review (of Mamiya 645AFD + Leaf Aptus II)
September 22: Four Horseman of the ConverterLensApocalypse
September 21: New Panasonic GF1 and GH1 reviews today!
September 21: Another Sigma DP2 review today - at
September 21: Noise wars: Nikon D300s vs Canon 50D
September 21: Sigma DP2: Stoned and dethroned by dpreview
September 21: Nikon D300s review at CNet UK
September 20: New contest: Win a full year of free hosting at
September 20: Nikon S1000pj projector-camera now shipping! (updated)
September 20: Rumor: Sony A1R mega-DSLR with 35-megapixel full-frame sensor says FotoActualidad
September 20: Week in review (Sept 13-19)
September 19: Canon S90 IS pre-orders getting cancelled by Amazon? (updated)
September 19: Point Grey shows prototype camera streaming 1080p video via USB 3.0
September 19: The Canon NewsHour (7D action, 5DMk2 RAW rumor, patents, the Long Road)
September 19: Sigma DP2 vs Panasonic GH1, dynamic range edition
September 19: Panasonic GF1 with 14-45mm ships on Thursday (Sept 24)
September 19: Contest reminder: One-week free lens rental entry-deadline is Monday PM
September 18: The Pentax Newshour (645D returns, more K-x, K7 gets ...Fry'ed)
September 18: Canon 5D Mark II grass-roots efforts for upgrades and improvements
September 18: Canon S90 IS sample pictures at dpreview (24 JPEGs)
September 18: New Panasonic GF1 review and samples
September 17: Nikon 18-200mm DX VR II sample pictures from Japan
September 17: Stock-status matrix updates for Pentax K-7 ($1200) and Olympus E-P1
September 17: Now shipping: Leica D-Lux 4 (Safari special edition)
September 17: New Samyang 14mm f2.8 IF ED MC lens (for the four SLR mounts) (updated)
September 17: More Pentax K-x previews and early opinions
September 17: Two new sets of Sony Alpha A850 samples
September 17: New Pentax Optio M85 and E85 compacts
September 17: New Pentax 55-300mm f4-5.8 ED DA-L lens
September 17: Nikon D3s to be announced in early-to-mid October?
September 17: New Sigma DP1s coming in November?
September 16: New Pentax K-x offers a tempting AA-powered DSLR
September 16: Ambitious Hartblei CAM wants you to mix and match MF and 35mm lenses
September 16: CORRECTION: Dual-channel SDHC card does NOT smoke competition (in Nikon D90 test)
September 16: DXOmark pixel-peeps the Phase One P40+ and Olympus E-P1
September 16: Pentax interested in mirrorless iLCs (Micro Four Thirds an option)
September 16: (SOLD OUT) In-stock now: Panasonic GH1 at the normal price
September 16: Canon G11 ISO-range sample pictures (of the same scene)
September 15: Pentax 645D picture shows up in Pentax K7 listing at retailer site
September 15: Sigma DP2 vs pancaked Panasonic GH1
September 15: Impact review: Imaging Resource tests the Fuji F200-EXR
September 15: Planning ahead: B&H closed from Friday 1pm EDT until Monday
September 15: Sinar is re-born out of the Franke & Heidecke ashes
September 15: Nikon working on APS-C compact using Sony sensor of Leica X1?
September 14: New mini-site dedicated to Micro Four Thirds reviews
September 14: Olympus E-P1 and lenses get new firmware (auto-focus help on the way)
September 14: Review Train (so many cameras, so little time edition)
September 14: Hogan on full-frame, DX and downsizing
September 14: 70 minutes with you (Stefan Daniel of Leica)
September 14: Pre-order discount: Leica 45mm f2.8 Macro (Micro 4/3rds) for $800
September 14: Sony A850 full frame review at Alpha Mount World!
September 14: Zeiss Ikon 18mm f3.5 T* ZE finally coming for Canon
September 13: New Contest: Win a FREE one-week rental of a LENS or DSLR from
September 13: Panasonic GF1 camera body views (and side by side with GH1 and E-P1)
September 13: Samsung merging digital camera and camcorder manufacturing
September 13: More Canon 7D (more Bloom, Fake Chuck opines, 7+7=7D)
September 13: Let's Go see some Alpha A850 full-size sample images!
September 13: The Serious Compacts shootout has began: DP2 vs GRD3 vs D5000 vs GH1
September 13: Deal alert of speculation interest: Sony A700 with 18-70 lens drops to $900 (limited time)
September 13: Weekly rewind (Sept 5-12): Leica Week
September 12: Panasonic GF1 hands-on (with ISO comparison) by David Lee Tong
September 12: Panasonic GF1 and M43 lenses stock-status matrix
September 12: Sensor innovation: Pentax K-7 and Panasonic GH1
September 12: The Leica Debate gets rekindled with the M9 (updated)
September 12: Canon 7D and EF 100mm f2.8 MACRO Hybrid IS shown in Japan
September 12: Winning pictures for the Astronomy Photographer of the year (2009)
September 11: The trouble with Nikon's tribbles
September 11: Canon 7D (beta) full-size high ISO concert pictures from Paris!
September 11: Leica X1 in your hands (a preview by Quesabesde)
September 11: Ricoh GRD III review and full-size RAW samples
September 11: Digital Holga, a DIY that no one can afford!
September 11: Leica S2 first impressions day
September 10: Pre-order alert: New Apple iPod Touch, Classic, and Nano with video
September 10: Something new from Canon on September 29 (will it be camera-related? (update: NO!))
September 10: Catching up, blog updates, and things coming up
September 10: Around 200 full-size Sony A850 test-samples (some RAW as well)
September 10: Leica M9 reviews and ISO comparison (full-size samples!) (updated)
September 10: Kodak celebrates their KAF-18500 sensor powering the new Leica M9
September 9: Nikon D300s with 18-200 DX VR combo review at CNet
September 9: Ricoh CX2 body preview at DC Watch
September 9: 50 million Nikon lenses - how many did you buy? (updated)
September 8: Waiting for Leica's 9-9-09 Big Bang: Leica Webcast has finished!
September 8: Canon 7D beta body and menu pictures from Japan (and machine gun sound)
September 8: Conflicting reviews for power-thrifty Casio EX-H10 slim-zoom
September 8: First Canon SX20is superzoom review is out!
September 8: First Panasonic GF1 review is out (print edition of AP-UK)
September 7: Cool Stabilization test with surprises: Lens vs Sensor-shift (Pentax K7 and Olympus E-P1)
September 7: The New Dubliners - Canon 7D 24p video by Philip Bloom
September 7: Sony explains why no live-view in A850 and A900
September 7: The Lawrence Ripsher E-P1 review is complete
September 7: Sony interested in compact interchangeable lens system (but not joining M43rds)
September 7: Touching the Canon 7D
September 7: Samsung hibernates GX (K-mount DSLRs)
September 6: Panasonic GF1 debut party in Japan
September 6: Every National Geographic issue in digital format in a boxed set
September 6: Labor Day weekend digital camera deals
September 6: Blog changes: New Hot Cameras List at the top and new latest updates box on the front page
September 6: Guess the price of the Leica M9 and X1
September 6: Medium format joins the high-ISO wars? (Phase One P40+ 40mp digital back review)
September 6: Micro Four Thirds strikes again (new top selling DSLR charts)
September 5: Week in review (and lens review diary update)
September 5: Thom Hogan strikes back with E-P1 and D5000 reviews, new book, and more
September 5: Leica X1 and M9 - what's happening?
September 4: Panasonic GH1K update: orderable at $1500, shipping for $1700 (updated again)
September 4: Pentax K7 review double-header (Trusted, Nature)
September 4: Panasonic GF1 review comes out on September 8 (and more on the lens road map)
September 4: Canon 7D machine-gun mode (and focus-point and electronic level play)
September 4: Fuji W1 3D camera hands-on and 300+ samples (with stereoscopic player)
September 4: New Samsung ST45 slim P&S compact announced in the UK
September 4: Leaf producing oxygen again (production is on, Aptus II rolling out again)
September 4: 11 Samsung NX body and lens pictures shown from IFA
September 3: New Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 DG OS lens is revealed
September 3: Sony WX1 and TX1 Exmor R test-samples at Imaging Resource
September 3: CNet Talk Radio: Canon 7D and Panasonic GF1
September 3: Micro hands-on report with the Canon 7D (pre-production model) (more added!)
September 3: The new Stanford experiment: open-source Frankencamera
September 3: Nikon D300s gets a review at Pocket Lint
September 3: Availability alert: Canon SX20is is now shipping!
September 3: First Samsung NX camera (NX-10) coming out in late-2009/early-2010
September 3: Camera and Photography Blogs at TypePad
September 2: Canon 7D pushes the boundaries of APS-C DSLRs
September 2: All apologies for the blog troubles
September 2: DIY hack: Olympus E-P1 accessory flash
September 2: Samsung HZ25w (WB5000) is a 24X RAWzoomer with manual exposure
September 2: Curious about a camera? Want to see it reviewed?
September 2: Tamron 60mm f2 Di-II gets reviewed at Photocrati
September 2: Panasonic reveals lens road-map for Micro 4/3rds (three new lenses in 2010)
September 2: Leica X1 and M9 rumors (and leaks?) in the forums
September 2: (SOLD OUT) Two Canon 5DMk2 kits with 24-105L at $3500
September 1: Micro Four Thirds gets Leica-cred with new 45mm f2.8 DG Macro-Elmarit MegaOIS lens
September 1: New Panasonic 20mm f1.7 adds a new pancake option to Micro Four Thirds
September 1: Panasonic GF1 is officially revealed!
September 1: Waiting for the Panasonic GF1 announcement (latest: press release posted!)
September 1: Canon Hybrid IS makes debut with new EF 100mm f2.8 Macro L-IS-USM lens
September 1: Versatile new Canon EF-S 15-85mm f3.5-5.6 IS USM UD lens
September 1: Canon offers new practical EF-S 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS UD lens


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