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September 06, 2009

Guess the price of the Leica M9 and X1

With even more known about the Leica M9 this week, thanks to Leica who was considerate enough to accidentally leak a low-resolution version of the PDF brochure, making it easier to spread across the internets, it is time to guess the Leica M9 price. Don't feel pressure dear readers, but you have a streak going! You already guessed the right price-range for the Leica S2 and the Canon 7D! Will it be three in a row? (And as a bonus, guess the Leica X1 price, which is more of a mystery). Please keep in mind, we are guessing what the price will be, not what price we want it to be :)

Want more voting? At the GetDPI forums, a new poll is asking photographers to vote on what prices they would pay for the M8/M8.2 after the M9 comes out.

Tired of the cat and mouse game of leaks and "leaks", Let's Go Digital has just posted a Leica M9 PDF preview.

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