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September 16, 2009

CORRECTION: Dual-channel SDHC card does NOT smoke competition (in Nikon D90 test)

We have a correction to make! We initially thought the results there were a measure of time, which means lower number better, however this is NOT the case. So the Photofast card does NOT smoke the competition, it looks like it is the other way round!

All apologies for the confusion, it looks like we got confused by the computer-translation!

The test is at Japanese website DC Watch, where they had a memory card shootout, comparing the new 16gb dual-channel Class 10 card from PhotoFast against cards from Sandisk, Panasonic and Toshiba.

The Nikon D90 was the "victim" DSLR that hosted the shootout, or I should say, writeout. Of note, in the all important RAW+JPEG test. We had thought the results there was a measure of time, which means lower number better, however this is NOT the case.

So if you read the original version of this post, all apologies for the confusion. The Photofast 16gb dual-channel card did NOT smoke the competition, but it was the other way round it seems!

Please note this is not a comprehensive study in memory card speeds, but rather tests performed to see how the dual-channel card compares.

And speaking of memory cards, has a huge Kingston sale with free shipping, including 8gb CF for $21, and 8gb SDHC for $15.

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