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September 22, 2009

Chase Jarvis launches multimedia iPhone photography project

Technology can bring some interesting twist and turns. Real-world working photographers working on iPhone photography projects and celebrities who should be using the Nikon Coolpix S230 are using Nikon DSLRs!

Chase Jarvis, who became known to many for his video-work with the Nikon D90 back when it came out, has now taken a different twist on the road: an iPhone photography project, complete with a community-website, iPhone app, and a book too!

The idea behind it is that you almost always have your camera-phone with you, so why not use it to take pictures when it is the only camera you have with you. The announcement and explanation of the project can be found on his blog.

He has also launched a new online community in support of this project,, which is of course a shortcut of the phrase "the best camera is the one you have with you". That would have made one long url! He does not mean the iPhone is the best camera out there (I think) :)

There is also an iPhone app to help iPhonographers. The app offers more photography-friendly features, according to Jarvis. The $3 app is already available at the iTunes store (link opens iTunes)

But wait, there's more! There's also a new 256-page book from the New Riders "Voices that Matter" series that features Jarvis's photographic work with the iPhone. It will come out on Friday, and it is currently pre-orderable at Amazon et al for $13.60.

So, everyone, please put your DSLRs in a padded UPS/USPS/DHL/FedEx box, and send them to me since you have no use for them any more ;-) I'll even pay for shipping!

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