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September 10, 2009

Catching up, blog updates, and things coming up

We have a number of different organizational and future planning things grouped together in this post! So here we go...

  • Version II of the Contest we ran earlier in the year will go live on Sunday night! Details on Sunday night. This will be lens-related!
  • We are working on a new reference mini-site. Absent any surprise-announcements and big news, it will go live on Tuesday. However, to thank the photographers who actively participate on this blog (comments, emails, twitter), we'll give them a sneak preview of the work in progress. Simply send us an email or a Twitter DM, and we'll send you the secret url!
  • the "Camera Central" box at the top left corner of every page has been updated with the "New Cameras" and "New Lenses" links added. The first points to the latest digital camera announcements, presented in reverse chronological order. The second one points to the latest new lens announcements and development notices. Because lenses are announced in stages, unlike cameras, you will see both there. It's the only way to keep things relevant and sane at the same time ;-)
  • We have just added the "Community Feed" to the list at the top of the front page of the blog. Look for it right below the light-blue banner at the top of the front-page of the blog. This features photography-priority updates from our reader's websites and blogs. If you want to join, be sure to check out and read the community feed introduction.
  • By Sunday, we will have posted the summary-introductions of the new Leica M9, X1, and S2. We don't want to cause a tear in the fabric of the camera-verse!
  • And finally, we forgot to create posts for the two new Panasonic Micro Four Thirds lenses. We don't want to cause a tear in the fabric of the camera-verse so we added them, back-dated to September 1st. For the completists out there who want to read them, here they are:

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