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September 24, 2009

As the Micro Four Thirds world turns: Updates on GF1, E-P1, GH1 and G1

If you like to follow a stream of reviews, then be sure to visit and bookmark our new mini-site,, which does only one thing - present a stream of new Micro Four Thirds reviews. (Yes, shockingly we are still on-message and disciplined (at that blog)).

Panasonic GF1
As of 3:08am NYC time on Thursday, the Amazon product page for the GF1 + 14-45mm has changed from "will be released on Thursday September 24" to "Temporarily out of stock". We will post updates later on as things develop. UPDATE: Yikes! We checked again at 12:24pm NYC time, and noticed that the shipping estimate has turned to "ships within 1 to 2 months".

Olympus E-P1
Thomas Pitera held back his E-P1 review when the v1.1 firmware announcement was made, but he has now completed his work with version 1.1, and he has posted his findings in his hands-on with the E-P1 blog post.

For more on the E-P1 auto-focus performance before and after the firmware, be sure to check the recently updated v1.1 testing round-up.

We have also just refreshed the Olympus E-P1 stock-status matrix. To summarize, almost all the items are in-stock at at-least one major retailer, and the prices for the cameras and lenses continue to remain the same. This is perhaps good news in that demand is such that Olympus does not have to discount them.

Panasonic GH1
Photography Bay has just posted a series of samples and first impressions with the GH1, with a review coming further down the line!

For more on the GH1, be sure to check the unified G1/GH1 diary, which has been updated almost daily the last few days.

Panasonic G1
The often hard-to-find at a reasonable price black G1 kit (w/14-45mm kit lens) is now available for $640 with free shipping from J&R World.

The Lenses
In addition to the GF1 (previously mentioned), Photo Review also posted reviews on the two kit lenses that come with the camera, the 20mm f1.7 (pancake) and the 14-45mm (kit zoom).

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