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September 21, 2009

Another Sigma DP2 review today - at

It is Foveon-day today! In addition to the dpreview review posted earlier today, Josh Root at has just posted a Sigma DP2 review. This is a single mega-page experiential review, with web-size sample pictures. We won't spoil the findings here. Thankfully does not use one dimensional recommendation-ratings for the camera. A camera like the DP2 makes a very good case why one-dimensional recommendation-ratings are not a good idea.

Special Commentary
And this is a good point in time where we have to question Sigma's mental status. What exactly are they trying to do with digital cameras? Digital is different, you can't just patch a film SLR every few years just so you can say you have an SLR system, and Tamron and Tokina don't :) You are either have to be in it to win it (as they say in sports), or you just stay out of it.

Judging by the lengths they go to produce cameras (and the acquisition of Foveon), they seem to be taking it very seriously. However making SLRs for the Sigma mount is one step short of the business-paramedics getting called to prevent a business-suicide. Likewise, their digital cameras need to be modernized.

Sigma needs help, be it with partners or outsourcing some of the design and manufacturing to someone who actually knows how to build 2009-era digital cameras.

I suspect (and this is pure black-box speculation) there are some old-school executives or founders that are vetoing any attempts at doing things differently. It is time for them to retire and open the way for change!

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