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August 31, 2009

Canon 7D officially announced, hands-on, previews, samples, pre-orders and more!

This has been a rather busy Fauxtokina so far, and the next few hours appear to be the target of both a Canon and a Panasonic announcement, along with whatever else may come out as a result of the upcoming IFA show in Germany. (Fauxtokina being the time period that would lead up to the Photokina trade-show on Photokina years; but on non-Photokina years, thus the "faux").

Pre-Order the new Canon 7D
Amazon is fast! They already have listed the new Canons for pre-ordering, starting with the 7D body-only for $1700 and the 7D + EF 28-135 IS for $1900.

Mini-site by Canon Japan - currently slow to load, starts with "Image Monster" [New!]

Mega-preview at Imaging Resource with plenty of studio samples and exposure analysis

14-page preview at dpreview

Hands on with the camera at PDN Gear Guide

Lots of techie diagrams and videos among others things at Le Monde de la Photo!

Specifications at dpreview - sensor is 19mp APS-C 1.6X, with 18mp effective. The Ants have called, they want their nest back ;-)

Press releases at Imaging Insider

Coverage at Rob Galbraith

More at Let's Go Digital

Gizmodo has posted a hands on with the Canon 7D! with 22 SAMPLE IMAGES! (gallery) - via POTN

Canon 7D and new lens prices
The price is $1700 for Canon 7D body-only and $1900 with EF 28-135 (corrected!)

Yes dear readers, you who voted in the Guess-the-7D-Price-Poll, you can pat yourselves on the back once again, because you got the price right. The $1500 to $1799 got the most votes, with 39%, finishing ahead of the $1800 to $1999 that got 33% of the vote.

Lenses and accessories:
+ 15-85mm EF-S IS price revealed: $800 with October release
+ EF 100mm f2.8L price: $1050 with late September release - with new hybrid IS
+ EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS for $500 in late September
+ WFT-E5A wireless file transmitter for $600 in November

12:03am NYC time
If you haven't had enough of the Leica M9 speculation yet, brew a full pot of coffee and dive into the L-Camera-Forum.

And if you are going to be in New York City on September 9, B&H Photo has scheduled an event for the introduction of new products.

11:54pm NYC time
Epson has announced the 3880 large-sheet printer. Details via Pro Photo Home.

11:29pm NYC time
While we dig around for new news, we find potentially interesting things, which is why you see these posted in a rather chaotic fashion. This time here is a Panasonic GH1 user report (GH1) by Simon Hughes, which is discussed at the GetDPI forums.

11:05pm NYC time
With the sensor-size of the 7D being a hotly debated topic, how about another full frame vs APS-C article, this one also available for discussion.

And on the same topic, a discussion that squarely tackles whether 18-megapixels is too much.

11pm NYC time
Foto Actualidad surveys the various forum threads that claim some of the leaks were faked. Brew some decaf coffee before diving in! Please keep in mind that these high-end releases get a number of people agitated or in some cases to the brink of temporary internet-induced-insanity, so take what you read with a few grains of sea-salt!

10:43pm NYC time
All is quiet right now. Time perhaps for a talent contest! If you have any videos or audio of you singing or dancing, now it is a good time to share them while we wait ;-)

As a refresher, here is the early August Panasonic GF1 leak.

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