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August 31, 2009

Tamron unveils APS-C standard zoom (17-50mm f2.8 Di-II) with stabilization (updated with price!)

Tamron fires another shot in the 3rd-party digital-lens wars with the newly announced 17-50mm f2.8 Di-II VC XR SP lens. The announcement is coming from France and you can find it at Focus Numerique. It will initially be available in Nikon and Canon flavors, perhaps just in time for the D300s and 7D :-)

Decoding the product name shows that this is a lens created for APS-C dSLRs (Di-II) and will have roughly the equivalent of 27-75mm (give or take) when mounted. It will have "VC", which stands for Vibration Correction and it is Tamron-speak for optical image stabilization. And that (VC) is the primary improvement (on paper) over the current Tamron 17-50mm Di-II non-VC which goes for around $500 at the moment.

No price is mentioned but Focus Numerique has the main specs of the lens. We'll have more as it gets revealed around the world.

Update Tue Sept 1
The lens announcement is making the rounds around the world, now more at:
+ dpreview
+ Quesa Besde
+ Tamron Japan

The Tamron Japan press release mentions a 1.55X "conversion value", not sure if this is a statistical average, or their lens(es) have cut the theoretical difference between 1.5X (DX, DT, DA) and 1.6X (EF-S) half-way.

The Nikon version comes out first (with the built-in focus motor of course), and then Canon. There is no mention of the other mounts!

And *drum roll* DC Watch mentions the price which is 73,500 yen. The Nikon will come out in Japan on September 17, followed by the Canon. We haven't seen prices for other markets.

Update #2 Tue Sept 1: the lens gets a US market price!
And we have a price for the US market! Amazon is listing both Canon and Nikon versions for pre-orders for $650 each. So it has a $150 premium over the current non-VC version of the lens.

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