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August 01, 2009

Sony Alpha A850 revealed - 24mp full-frame DSLR!

Quickly, head on over to Photo Club Alpha, the Alpha A850 DSLR is REVEALED!

More on this at Engadget!

Discussion in Dyxum forums.

Main Sony Alpha A850 specs
+ 24mp full-frame sensor
+ single-core (A900 was dual-core)
+ 3fps
+ sensor-shift stabilization
+ different viewfinder
+ same or similar body to A900
+ no pop-up flash
+ CF/MD and MS Pro Duo
+ 3-inch LCD
+ no video mode
+ battery is NP-FM500H
+ RAW, cRAW and both come with +JPEG options
+ full specifications from the user-manual here
+ PDF file here or here
+ price NOT revealed

Early Opinion
Price is king! With the A900 currently at around $2700, where will this camera be priced out of the gate? The floor for new-in-box full-frame DSLRs is currently $2000 for the three-year-old 5D Mark I and around $2350 for the powerful D700.

The price will likely determine the fate of this camera, at least initially...

This paragraph is our speculation. The choice of an A850 name for the full-frame 8-series DSLR keeps hope alive for the Sonoltas who were hoping for a D700-style Alpha A800, with fewer megapixels and faster machine-gun mode. However, this is only speculation.

The start of Sony's DSLR power-play? (new)
Is this the start of Sony's power-play in DSLRs? Apart from the A850 "leak", we noticed the A330 two-lens kit (A330Y) has dropped to $700 at three third-party sellers at Amazon. The most famous of the three being "Ace Photo Digital" from the Washington DC area. Look under "More Buying Choices" to the right of the Amazon product page to locate them.

Typically Olympus has the best prices on two-lens kits, but at this price, the A330Y jumps ahead by a price-stop over the E620.

We have to stress that we do not know if this is a temporary or a permanent discount. Sony has just now joined the million DSLR club. So, if this is a permanent discount, would this be the start of Sony's DSLR power-play that Alpha fans have been waiting for months?

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