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August 26, 2009

Sony A550 specs revealed in the forums?

You may have noticed the blog went a little quiet, that's because we are on "forum patrol" and trying to catch up with some diary-updates as well. Typically "forum patrol" produces some juicy stuff, and today it did not disappoint: One forum user at has spotted an alleged A550 image shot with the 30mm f2.8 lens that shows the camera to have 14-megapixels (4592x3056)

Another thread in the dpreview forums references a thread (which we haven't located yet) that points to a 14mp CMOS sensor, 7fps, 3-inch LCD (921K dots), and price of 750 euro.

Another photographer from the Czech republic has found the Czech prices at a retailer's website.

Again, please keep in mind these are rumors, not official announcements, so please treat them accordingly.

We will update this segment if we find out more...

Beware of the fake Alpha A780 rumor
Meanwhile, (and perhaps inspired by the A550) there is a fake post on flickr (according to the post title) that talks about a Sony Alpha A780 DSLR. As if Sony doesn't have enough DSLRs floating around in the rumorsphere :)

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