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August 24, 2009

Sony Alpha A500 and A850 insider info at

One of our readers sent us a link to's "insider info" on the new Sony Alpha A500 and A850 DSLRs. We already know a lot about the A850 due to the user-manual leak, but not much is known about the A500/A550 duo.

Upon further surfing, we found a growing discussion thread of this leakage at the dyxum forums, where they actually point to the A500 specifications and the A850 specifications.

Also, a number of short threads are popping up at the dpreview Sony forum.

The A850 price (according to
But first, the Alpha A850 price, which they list at 2000 euro. For relative comparison, Amazon Germany currently offers the A900 for around 2400 euro, while the current US price for the A900 is $2700.

The Sony Alpha A500 (according to the specs)
The price is listed at 650 euro, just a little bit above the A3-series. It looks like the camera will have a 12mp CMOS sensor (finally everyone is "discovering" what Nikon did a few years ago?), dual SDHC/MemoryStick, and will use the existing NP-FM500H lithium-ion battery.

It is obviously an APS-C camera, with a 3-inch (230K) display (to keep the price down?), ISO 12800, 1/4000 to 30s shutter speed, and things like that.

Photo Club Alpha dissects the leak
Meanwhile, Photo Club Alpha went through the specs and points at the Live-View feature available on the camera, among many other things. They also have a nice overlay of the A500 body over the A380 body!

Does it have Video?
We don't know!

What about the A550?
The A550 is not mentioned in this leak, so if indeed there is such a camera coming as well, what will the differences between it and the A500 be? Judging from past differences in the A2/A3 series, one could speculate that it could be the LCD (fixed vs moving), or the sensor (CMOS vs CCD? 12mp vs 15mp?) or something like DSLR-Video?

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