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August 09, 2009

Sigma 18-250mm OS review (includes OS vs sensor-shift)

Superzoom this! Photo Club Alpha takes a look at the Sony-edition of the Sigma 18-250mm DC OS HSM lens. It is decorated with the Shiguma goodies, OS and HSM, but obviously not EX.

The five-page review is interesting in its own right, but of also of interest to a general-interest audience are the findings of the reviewer on the optical stabilization vs sensor-shift stabilization page. Now, this is not a technical comparison, but the experience of the reviewer after using both of them and taking similar pictures.

This also answers the question of whether there is any co-operation between the optical and sensor-based system, and as the reviewer states, it's a "disaster" when you try to use both. We have been R&D-pointing-out that this is an area that manufacturers need to work on finding ways to make the most of these systems when combined, but they are too busy adding frown-detections to their cameras instead ;-)

The reviewer also reminds that when testing "digital lenses", the Canon edition is 1.6X, versus 1.5X for Nikon, Sony and Pentax, so it is not an exact apples and oranges "translation" of the results to/fro the two sensor sizes. Sigma DSLRs are 1.7X but very few people review Sigma-mount lenses.

For more lens reviews, be sure to check the recently updated lens review diary.

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