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August 24, 2009

Photographers vote Canon S90 IS with their money (new top sellers)

We have finished a brand new top selling digital camera charts update of All apologies for the month-long delay in-between updates, caused by the waves of new camera announcements of the last few weeks.


Canon S90 IS buzz translates into strong pre-orders
The Canon S90 caught the photographic world by surprise when it was announced, and the interest in this new and reasonably-priced digital camera translated into a wave of pre-orders, that currently have it in the top 15.

None of the other five Powershots that were announced together came anywhere near. The G11 and the SX20is are around the top 40. All of course on the strength of pre-orders alone since none of these six cameras are shipping.

Speaking of the S90is, Serious Compacts wonders - is this a confluence of events that gets us the proverbial "free lunch"?

Why is everyone buying the Nikon D700?
It looks like the waves of new camera announcements are not doing anything to discourage Nikon D700 buyers - if anything, they seem to be encouraging it. The camera is inside the Top 30, which is quite a feat considering its price. Part of it is a $50 discount, as the current price of the camera is $2300.

Part of it may also be the signal sent by Nikon with the announcement of the D300s at $1800: there is no "affordable" 35mm full frame DSLR coming from Nikon any time soon.

Canon SD1200 IS takes over
With a month to propagate through, the Canon SD1200 IS has now taken over the Top 25, with four of them in the top ten and five in the top 25. One could even argue that this may be too successful for Canon's own sake, since it may be eating up sales from the more upscale Elph models

Top 25 Vitals
+ five DSLRs (3 Canon, 2 Nikon)
+ two RAWsumers
+ three superzooms

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