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August 20, 2009

Pentax K-7 reviewed at Imaging Resource! (plus reactions)

The Pentax K-7 has just gotten its most high-profile review to-date, at Imaging Resource. This is a review that has been developing piece-by-piece, and it is now finalized! As usual, we won't reveal the conclusions here, which you can find towards the bottom of the aforementioned page.

Included are ISO comparisons with the E-P1, T1i, D5000, Panasonic GH1, which means IR has one in their hands :) Also, in the RAW test page, they compare it to the D300, 50D, and K20D.

This is a must read review! We will have reactions to the review tomorrow (Friday)!

For more on the K-7, be sure to check its list of reviews and the mini-blog.

Review Reactions
We start at the PFFs, where one Pentaxian compiled auto-focus-related numbers from various Imaging Resource reviews and has posted a table that may have K-7 fans singing :) They also discuss the IR review.

There's another, smaller discussion in the DSLR forum at the PFFs, where the current focus is the non-mention of the green line.

Next we move to the dpreview forums, where there is a festive atmosphere.

The review is also discussed in the non-denominational Camera Work forums, where Pentexistential questions are also brought up.

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