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August 15, 2009

(SOLD OUT) Panasonic LX3 was in-stock and shipping for $500

We have some great news for Panasonic LX3 fans! The camera is currently in-stock and shipping for $500, in both silver and black colors. To make it easier to keep track of it all, we have created a stock-status table. Please note that the price and stock-status are NOT updated automatically.

Latest update: Sunday 5:30pm eastern: The in-stock party is officially OVER :-( All the kits prices at $500 have now sold out :-( It is quite telling that it barely lasted over 24 hours during the weekend!

Panasonic LX3 in-stock status
LX3 systemStandard kitBasic kitDeluxe kit
LX3S (silver)B&H Photo (SOLD OUT)
J&R World (SOLD OUT)
J&R on Amazon (SOLD OUT)
B&H Photo (SOLD OUT)B&H Photo (SOLD OUT)
LX3K (black)B&H Photo (SOLD OUT)B&H Photo (SOLD OUT)B&H Photo (SOLD OUT)
VF1 viewfinderJ&R World (SOLD OUT)

The Basic and Deluxe kits
These are created by B&H Photo by adding accessories on top of the standard kit. The basic kit includes two 4gb Sandisk Ultra II SDHC cards and a Pearstone Onyx 150 camera pouch. The deluxe kit includes the basic kit plus a two-year SageMax protection plan and the Pearstone CGA-S005 LiIon battery.

Typically the standard kit sells out first, followed by the two house kits.

Recap of the early edition
OneCall has sold out as of 8:20pm eastern! (If you must have the black LX3 model right now and do not object to paying a premium for it, you can also get it for around $580 at

As of 6:50pm eastern, the shipping estimate changed from "1 to 2" to "3 to 5" business days, so LX3 buyers are chipping away at their supply. Good thing B&H Photo's inventory is coming in at 9:15pm eastern to relieve the pressure!

Thanks o Alberto for the tip, the Panasonic VF1 external viewfinder is in-stock for $190 with free ground shipping at J&R World.

While looking around the nets to see who else may have it in-stock, we noticed another product named LX3. So if you are an LX3 die-hard, and you want everything to be named LX3, how about an LX3 mouse from Logitech? :-)

Further Reading
To refresh your LX3 memory, be sure to check its list of reviews and the camera diary.

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