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August 16, 2009

Olympus E-P1 mega-roundup: the last two weeks

It's been about two weeks since we were caught up with the latest E-P1 happenings, so now it is time for a mega-catchup, summarizing the action. This is going to be a long and winding post, so fire up the teapot ;-)

This mega-roundup is now final! We could have gone on and on, but it's already dangerously close to being unreadably long. However, if you feel that we have missed anything that deserves to be mentioned, please let us know!

Review Parade
It is clear that a number of websites and reviewers have re-arranged their priorities, because there are waves and waves of E-P1 reviews coming out!

We start with an on-going diary-style review of the camera by critically-acclaimed photographer-priority reviewer Lawrence Ripsher, who also uses a TypePad blog, just like this blog :) He has posted six-parts so far, and you can start from episode #1. Then, follow the links to the other five parts using the "Recent Posts" segment in the middle of the right sidebar of his blog. Episode #2 talks about autofocus, #4 talks settings, and #5 talks about design and handling. The other episodes feature sample pictures, including macro in episode #6, Return of the Parrot Jedi.

You can also check a companion to the review-diary in the dpreview M43 forum.

We continue with the photographer-priority reviews with Eli Reed's review of the camera at the Digital Journalist. A discussion of the review is discussed at the Get DPI forums.

Review-site Reviews
One more of the majors (this is not a golf blog), has posted their take on the E-P1 - see it at DC Resource, using their 2009 review template. We won't reveal their conclusions, but it is no secret that it is a camera that fills up the trade-offs list. See what they concluded. So, did it earn the Green Jacket?

The Green Jacket is a brand new camera rating we are launching today - it is about as useful of a rating criterion as arbitrary numeric ratings - sometimes given with a two decimal point accuracy ;-)

It wasn't a Norah Jones concert for the E-P1 when the DCI review was posted. And if you are a review inside-baseball type of a person, you may enjoy the ratings and weights they give to each aspect of the camera at the bottom of the specs page. It is fascinating that they have come up with all these ratings and have given them weights, but the question is, what question are these ratings trying to answer and how germane are they to the evaluation of a camera? (I don't think anyone has the answer to this question, it is more food for thought).

The review includes comparisons to the GH1, D5000, T1i/500D, and of course the E620.

Let's Go Digital is the latest among the traditional camera review sites to post their take on the camera. You can jump right to the conclusions if you are in hurry. Test images are on page #4.

And one more review, this time at Digital Camera Review, which includes some blast from the past body-size comparisons with the C-5050 and the E-330, both cameras with a small cult-like following. The single-page-review includes "ISO elevator" tests (see bottom of page), and an explanation of their "love/hate" relationship. And as the great Chrissie Hynde sang, there is a thin live between love and hate.

Hey, Wired has written a camera review that is longer than seven paragraphs! Time to celebrate! You can check out their review online. But let's not get too greedy, they have pictures of the camera, but not from the camera ;-)

And we close with a review at DP Interface. As of the time of writing, there is a technical issue with their hosting service, so you may not be able to read it right away.

Review Updates and refreshes
dpreview has updated their review by adding tests with the 17mm pancake and 14-42mm lenses.

The other "Big Two" review site is getting close to finalizing their review. Earlier on, they had posted their video testing pages. And if you have a strong opinion on video in DSLRs, they have a survey at the aforementioned page.

Talk of the Town
In the "who's praising us now" segment, E-P1 fans can put their tuxedos on, because they won an EISA award in the "European Camera" category.

Not just the E-P1, but the whole 4/3rds movement is addressed in this blog post by Robert Cicala.

Digital Camera Headquarters has posted a 2-minute hands-on video preview of the camera, with a body-size comparison with one of the small Panasonic FS-series Li-Ions.

Meanwhile, via the Imaging Insider, we discover what thinks of it. Switched is a tech blog that is part of the Weblogs Inc blog network, so it is interesting to see what the gadgetologists, which in a way are channeling the average gearhead consumer, think of it.

Serious Compacts opined on this camera about two weeks ago, and we just caught up to that point in time! And through the aforementioned SerComp post, you can discover a text-based opinion on the E-P1 by Dante Stella.

How about a Ricoh adapter for the E-P1? Foto Actualidad spots this at DC-Watch!

Real-world pictures
Is the private jet getting an oil change? Fear not, thanks to the internets, you can still take a coffee break in Barcelona thanks to the E-P1. Pictures at the Get DPI forums. More from the photographer at his photo blog.

Pixel-peeping the Olympus E-P1
And if you enjoy pixel-peeping, here is an ISO elevator analysis, MasterChong-style.

Next up, Photography Bay posted a short series of ISO crop comparisons for your pixel-peeping pleasure.

Contests and giveaways
Canadiennes will have a chance at an exotic all-expenses paid photo-shoot if their E-P1 picture and haiku win the contest. This is open to Canadian residents only. Unless you can see Russia from your house ;-) The deadline for this is December 31st.

Pocket Lint has a giveaway and the winner will receive an E-P1, both Oly M43 lenses and accessories. According to the competition rules link at the bottom of the page, this is open to residents of EIRE and the UK only.

However, there is no end date mentioned in the giveaway, so we don't know if it is still alive or who or when or what. Who posts a high-profile competition like this without posting an end-date? That's just plain silly!

Stock-status matrix refresh
First item on the agenda, we have just finished a complete refresh of the E-P1 stock-status matrix. It looks like there is a shortage of pancakes and alternate kit configurations at the moment. Our previous full refresh was two weeks ago, which in hot-camera time is an eternity! All apologies for the delays, it comes with the territory of information-overload blogging :(

Further Reading
+ All the updates here summarized at the E-P1 mini-blog
+ List of E-P1 reviews at the Review Organizer

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