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August 04, 2009

New Nikon Coolpix S640 and S570 cameras start at 28mm wide

All apologies for the procrastination in covering the new ClonePix models, but here we go... Of the four new Coolpix cameras announced today, two of them are unnecessary six-month-cycle clones. We will meet them now, and then go to the two more interesting models :-)

Nikon Coolpix S640
The Nikon S640 is a brand new 12mp P&S digital camera with a 5X optical zoom lens that starts at 28mm wide (28-140mm) with VR. The display is 2.7-inch, and is less than one inch thick.

The Nikon press release promises a fast startup time of 0.7 seconds and "short" shutter release time lag. We obviously have to wait for the reviews to see what "short" means.

It comes in four delicious colors with a staring price of $250. The camera uses the existing EN-EL12 LiIon battery.

Nikon Coolpix S570
The Nikon S570 is the "deputy" to the new S640, with similar specifications, but no VR (image stabilization). Another difference, the camera comes with the EN-EL10 LiIon battery instead of the EN-EL12.

It will be available in four delicious colors with a starting price of $200 in August.

Previous Models
Nikon announced four Coolpix models in early February 2009, one of which, the S620 is quite similar to these two new ones. The S620 followed the S610/S610c duo which came out in August 2008. The cycle of life is six months. Oy vey!

One thing to note with the Coolpix models, sequential model numbers are not necessary an indicator of similarity in features. For example, the S560 which came out in August 2008 had a non-wide lens with VR, while the S570 has a lens that starts at 28mm wide (equivalent of course) but no VR.

Another example, the S630 has a 7X optical zoom lens, while the S610 has a 4X lens and the new S640 has a 5X lens.

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