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August 18, 2009

New Casio EX-Z450, Z280, Z90 and secret EX-Z33 join the Li-Ion parade

Casio adds two four more digital cameras to the Li-Ion P&S parade today with the new EX-Z450 and EX-Z90, along with the European EX-Z280 and the secret EX-Z33! Three of the four cameras use the 12mp 1/2.3" sensor and record video at 24fps 720p. Casio has certainly not been shy about adding features and "features". The combined monthly production output for the Z450 and Z90 is 200,000 units (see Casio Japan below).

And if you ever had issues with make-up photography, fear no more! Casio comes to the rescue with the "MakeUp mode", available in 12 distinct levels. Just when you thought they had ran out of gimmicky modes and features ;-)

Other buzz-name features include the Exilim Engine 4, a new iteration of "Dynamic Photo", and Intelligent-AF. I love some of these names, as if to imply they had been using "Dumb-AF" before this :)

Meet the Casio EX-Z450
Wide-angle fans will be pleased because this camera features a 4X optical zoom lens that starts at 28mm equivalent (28-112mm), with sensor-shift image stabilization.

It has a very solid battery, the NP-40 that gives it 550 CIPA-method shots. That is a very solid number for a small compact!

Other features include a 3-inch LCD display, a lens that starts at f2.6 (widest setting), and a handheld night-scene mode. It will come in four delicious colors, although as usual, not all markets will necessarily get all colors.

This has a very reasonable starting price of $200. How many other cameras can you get for $200 that get you 550 shots and start at 28mm wide? :)

Meet the Casio EX-Z90
Unlike the Z450, the Z90 uses the NP-60 battery, which gives it a lot less battery power, around 230 CIPA, which is quite a sizable drop-off!

It is also a more basic camera, as it does not have sensor-shift stabilization or auto-focus assist light. Its display is a reasonable 2.7-inch.

It's starting price is $150 and it will be available in up to SIX fashionable colors.

Further Reading
+ Press release at Imaging Insider
+ Computer-translated DC-Watch features EX-Z450 and EX-Z90
+ Casio Japan

But wait, there's more - the Casio EX-Z280
Oh we are not done yet! There's another camera that was only announced in European markets so far, it is the Casio EX-Z280!

If you are curious about this camera, Let's Go Digital (see below) promises to post samples and a review when they receive a unit.

This appears to be like very similar to the EX-Z450, but its 4X optical zoom lens starts at 26mm wide. Perhaps with all the wonderful architecture in Europe, Casio thought the 26mm wide lens would be a better match :-)

However, this uses the lower-capacity battery (250 CIPA) and has a 2.7-inch LCD display.

For more on this camera, be sure to check out Let's Go Digital, PhotoScala, and DC Views.

Casio sneaks in the EX-Z33 on its website
We either missed this on a previous release, or Casio forgot to put it in their press release in perhaps yet another sign of too many cameras in too short of a time-frame.

Their website also lists a brand new EX-Z33 which appears to be an entry-level LiIon digital camera, with a 10mp sensor, 3x optical zoom lens, 2.5-inch LCD display, and a CIPA 210 battery-life estimate.

This will also be available in four delicious colors.

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