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August 01, 2009

Market Pulse: Results out for Sony and Pentax (bonus: Camera phones vs cameras)

We start with the "cameras phones vs digital cameras" post from the internet traffic analyzers at the Compete blog. In this instance, they track consumer interest in camera-phones vs digital-cameras in terms of internet-traffic interest. This is not intended to be a scientific study, but more of an exercise in trend-spotting.

Sony Alpha and Cybershots
On the Sony front, there's good news and bad news. On the DSLR front, sales of Alpha DSLRs have tripled in this fiscal year, ending March 2009, says AP UK. Welcome to the million DSLR unit sales club Sony (1.13m). But there is some bad news, the Cybershots dropped 6% to 22 million.

Now for Sony to take it to the next level, it really needs to create DSLRs that excite the beyond-entry-level photographers. The Alpha A700 is too old, and the A900 is a special-interest camera.

And speaking of Sony, two new models of the Sony Reader have been leaked says CNet Asia.

Pentax-Hoya results out
Out came the Hoya results today. Pentax is mentioned on page #3, section #3 of the first document which is in English. There's a long sentence to nowhere there, so it's hard to be 100% sure what they mean. It does talk of price-pressure due to competition, and a drop in sales. Maybe it will make more sense if I read it during the day instead ;-)

The second document is huge and in Japanese, with lots of graphs - we did not try to go through that one. We'll leave it to the hard-core Pentaxians to analyze it :)

We'll update this post if/when we find out more details...

Canon's quarter (Q2, 2009)
Canon's results came out a few days ago. It was viva 5dMk2 and 500D/T1i, but down went the Powershots during the quarter. How much of this is the current economic environment and how much is the PASM-removal from their storied A-series, we do not know.

The good news is that the DSLR sales estimates for the year trickled up a little bit, and now their estimate is 4 million DSLR units.

More via PDN Pulse and Insider.

Nikon's Q1 results coming up
Nikon has yet to announce its quarterlies, but they are coming up next week, at 3pm Japanese time on August 5.

You can refresh your memory on their fiscal-year results that came out in May, look for them with analysis by Thom Hogan, look for his post on May 13. (There is no direct link!)

Kodak results
We forgot Kodak's results, but here they are, in detail via the Insider.

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