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August 2009 (158 posts)

August 31: Canon 7D officially announced, hands-on, previews, samples, pre-orders and more!
August 31: Tamron unveils APS-C standard zoom (17-50mm f2.8 Di-II) with stabilization (updated with price!)
August 31: Unboxing the Nikon D300s, gadget-blog style
August 31: Canon 7D will be an APS-C CMOS DSLR (press release leaked!)
August 31: Leica will reveal new products with live webcast on September 9
August 30: New Olympus E600 Four Thirds DSLR is officially revealed!
August 30: Canon 7D - is 1.45X the missing link? (updated: NO!)
August 30: War and conflict photography - advice from Teru Kuwayama
August 30: Sony A850 ships on Monday (plus first impressions and samples)
August 30: Weekend shopper (Panasonic G1 black, Canon G10, K20D, E-P1 with pancake)
August 30: Sony A550 first impressions and sample pictures
August 30: Sony Alpha A500 ISO comparison versus other Alphas
August 30: Recap of the week that was (and lens review diary update)
August 29: Reader Challenge: Guess the Canon 7D price
August 29: The Alpha A850 leads the Sony DSLR power-play at $2000
August 29: New Sony Alpha A550 offers a 14mp CMOS, tilting-display, 7fps alternative for $200 more
August 29: New Sony Alpha A500 returns to 12mp CMOS sensor
August 29: Canon 7D is waiting to be unboxed (also two EF-S IS and 100mm f2.8L IS macro leaked!) (updated)
August 29: New Sony workhorse 28-75mm f2.8 SAM (35mm full-frame) lens for $800
August 29: New Sony 30mm f2.8 SAM DT Macro gets a nice $200 price
August 28: Nikon D300s body-only is now shipping! (updated)
August 28: Sony A850 gets its first review out of the gate
August 27: Sony tries to explain lack of HD Video in their 2009 DSLR models
August 27: Noise-off: Canon G11 vs Ricoh GRD III at Focus Numerique (update: samples removed)
August 27: Canon 7D getting closer to a revealeakation?
August 27: Most popular camera-diaries in June+July 2009
August 27: Ricoh GRD III review-cluster added to Review Organizer
August 27: Sony reveals the three rumored DSLRs: Alpha A850 (FF), A550 and A500
August 27: Samsung joins the mega-zoom wars with the WB5000 (RAW, 24X)
August 26: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic LX3K (black) now shipping for $500
August 26: Sony A550 specs revealed in the forums?
August 26: Top Selling DSLRs update: Panasonic GH1 enters, Olympus E-P1 returns
August 26: Olympus E600 DSLR (Four Thirds) leaked in pictures
August 26: Save the Leaf AFi, save the world!
August 26: Rumored Sony 28-75mm f2.8 now shown behind glass - it will be a SAM lens
August 26: No resources for CS3 support on Snow Leopard says Adobe
August 26: Canon schedules a press event on September 1st
August 26: Another Nikon D3000 review, this time at Photography Blog
August 26: Panasonic GH1 dates Nikon lenses (match-maker: Novoflex)
August 25: Panasonic FZ38 (FZ35) now starting to ship (also: SuperZoom recap)
August 25: Canon D10 review by those who care about it the most
August 25: Curiosity factor: First Fuji F70-EXR review at CNet Asia
August 25: Thirteen Nikon D300s sample pictures (both RAW and JPEG)
August 25: Two Nikon D3000 reviews at Pocket Lint and Demystifying Digital
August 24: Photographers vote Canon S90 IS with their money (new top sellers)
August 24: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Olympus 17mm f2.8 for $300
August 24: New (not officially announced) Panasonic FS4 shows up on their website for $100
August 24: Sony Alpha A380 gets the dpreview-review (ouch?)
August 24: Akihabara News revisits the Fuji 3D camera after visiting Fuji corporate
August 24: Sony Alpha A500 and A850 insider info at
August 23: New Ricoh GRD III review at Alpha Mount World
August 23: Five-minute rewind (recap of the week that was)
August 23: Hands-on with the Canon G11 (body-pictures, not samples)
August 23: Trying out 4/3rds lenses with the Olympus E-P1 and adapter
August 22: Sony officially presents the ICX685CQZ sensor (of Canon G11 and S90is fame)
August 22: More Franke and Heidecke's fallout: Hy6, Sinar and Jenoptik (medium format)
August 21: Canon 7D - the chatter gets louder (recap; not new news)
August 21: Now shipping: Ricoh GRD III and accessories (and new review)
August 20: Pentax K-7 reviewed at Imaging Resource! (plus reactions)
August 20: Hoya CEO's comments on Pentax Part #2
August 20: Unboxing the Sept-2009 issue of Pop Photo: GH1, DP2, and Leica 50mm f0.95 reviews
August 20: New DSLR top sellers: Prices drop, Olympus E-P1 evaporates
August 20: New Ricoh CX2 grows into a superzoom
August 20: Ricoh GRD III review at Photography Blog
August 20: Nikon Europe tries to explain the D5000 secondary recall
August 19: New Canon SD940 IS (Ixus 120is) is a traditional Elph that starts at 28mm wide
August 19: Canon SD980 IS (Ixus 200is) makes the Elph debut of touch-screen and 24mm wide
August 19: New Canon SX120 IS looks promising as a bang-for-the-buck compact-zoom
August 19: New Canon camera user manuals (PDFs) available online
August 19: New Canon SX20 IS offers a solid AA-based mid-range superzoom
August 19: Canon reboots the G11 with megapixel-restraint and twist-and-shout LCD
August 19: New Canon Powershot S90 IS takes aim at Panasonic LX3
August 19: Canon reveals six new promising Powershots: G11, S90 (yes, the return!), two superzooms and two Elphs
August 18: Waiting for Canon to announce something?
August 18: It's crazy - 43 new digital cameras in the last 30 days
August 18: Some sad news, Beyond Megapixels lost a team member
August 18: The Rise and Fall (of the financial fortunes) of Annie Leibovitz
August 18: Hoya admits Pentax needs alliance in the long term to survive
August 18: New Casio EX-Z450, Z280, Z90 and secret EX-Z33 join the Li-Ion parade
August 17: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic LX3 silver shipping again for $500
August 17: Please don't cut/paste from this blog without proper credit/reference
August 17: Pentax K-7 mega-round up: the last two weeks
August 17: PSA: dpinterface changing hosts, they will be back soon
August 17: Olympus E450 reminds of its existence with new review
August 17: Samsung NX-series moved to PMA 2010 again?
August 16: Introducing the Community Feed experiment
August 16: Olympus Civil War at DC-Watch: E620 vs E30 vs E-P1
August 16: Olympus E-P1 mega-roundup: the last two weeks
August 16: Most popular digital cameras on flickr (by uploads)
August 16: Weekly summary: the five-minute rewind, and new lenses reviews
August 15: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic LX3 was in-stock and shipping for $500
August 15: Sony Alpha A800 found at retailer's site in Andorra (not full-frame?)
August 14: Pentax K7 test results posted at Imaging Resource
August 14: Leica commits to October shipments for S2 and medium-format system
August 14: Nailed them: Photographer fights back unauthorized commercial use
August 14: Picture #8000 in the flickr pool is... Gear Driven
August 14: From Snapshots to Great Shots (Nikon D5000) by Jeff Revell is now shipping
August 13: Samsung HZ15w gets its high profile review - now what?
August 13: Two Ricoh GRD III reviews have gone live
August 13: Nikon FAIL: recalled D5000 units get an additional recall
August 13: Leaked Apple Tablet - could this be yet another photographer's tool?
August 13: New Samsung compact digital cameras have two LCD displays each (DualView)
August 12: Most negative digital camera review ever?
August 12: Ricoh GRD III sample pictures and more
August 12: Sigma DP2 reviewed at Photography Blog
August 12: New Top Selling DSLR Charts: Nikon D300s makes the Top 20
August 12: Steve's Digicams transforms into a breezy blog-style site
August 11: Samsung 85mm f1.4 K-mount lens shown in Korean forum
August 11: Squeezing dynamic range out of RAW
August 11: Everything but Cameras (an Inside the Insider roundup)
August 11: Make your own tilt-shift lens for under $25
August 11: Panasonic GF1 likely to be revealed on September 1 or 2
August 10: Samsung ST1000 (aka CL65), a folded-optics digicam with GPS is leaked
August 10: Nikon D700X - fan-fiction, rumor, or camouflaged leak?
August 10: Nikon D300s sample pictures and review from Japan
August 10: Switching from native to DNG RAW - photographer explains why
August 10: Nikon D3000 sample pictures from Japan
August 9: OM lenses get a new lease on life on the E-P1
August 9: Leica M9, system-camera, the bitter ex, and 9-9-9
August 9: flickr more stubborn than Olympus, still refuses to implement an undelete option
August 9: Sigma 18-250mm OS review (includes OS vs sensor-shift)
August 9: Relive the last two weeks (five-minute rewinds)
August 8: Lens review diary updated (from July 23 until now)
August 8: Waterproof digital camera group test version III: DP Interface Edition
August 7: Rumor recap and roundup at PhotoScala
August 7: Fuji F70EXR review at DC-Watch
August 7: Sony WX1 full-size sample pictures from Japan
August 6: Panasonic GF1 is leaked - new compact Micro Four Thirds camera
August 6: Oops, we forgot to talk about the Sony Party Animal
August 5: New Sony Cybershot WX1 is a promising P&S compact with 24-120mm lens and Exmor-R CMOS
August 5: New Sony Cybershot TX1 with Exmor-R sensor and touch-screen (bijou P&S)
August 5: Sample issues: Lenswork magazine plus extended DVD-ROM edition for just $5
August 5: New Pentax Optio WS80 digital camera splashes onto the scene
August 5: New Pentax P80 and E80 join the Optio P&S family
August 5: Ricoh GRD III review at DC-Watch (with full size samples)
August 5: Nikon financial results are out!
August 5: Pentax K7 ebook is now available for purchase!
August 5: Leica M9: Leica speaks to APUK but says nothing
August 5: The Snobbery coefficient: Ranking the types of photographers
August 5: Listen to the Nikon D3000 shutter sound
August 4: Nikon Coolpix S1000pj is the first digital camera with a built-in projector
August 4: Nikon Coolpix S70 offers 3.5" OLED display with folded optics
August 4: New Nikon Coolpix S640 and S570 cameras start at 28mm wide
August 4: PDN Gear Guide reviews the Sigma DP2
August 4: dpreview launches embargo wars, offends everyone along the way
August 4: Toshiba unveils first SDXC memory card in the world
August 3: Hacking the Oympus E-P1: removing the grip
August 3: Three new Rollei Flexline P&S models
August 3: New multi-functional Share-and-Save button added
August 3: Ritz returns as "Ritz Camera and Image"
August 3: Four new Nikon Coolpix models (projector camera grabs spotlight from Samsung)
August 3: Listen to the Nikon D300s shutter sound
August 2: Samsung teases August 13 announcement with stranger than Twin Peaks teaser
August 2: Week #2 with the Olympus E-P1 at DC-Watch
August 2: Noisy Wars: Nikon D90 vs Sony A380
August 1: Sony Alpha A850 revealed - 24mp full-frame DSLR!
August 1: Pixel-peep Nikon D3000 RAW and JPEG full-size test samples all day long
August 1: Market Pulse: Results out for Sony and Pentax (bonus: Camera phones vs cameras)


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