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August 13, 2009

Leaked Apple Tablet - could this be yet another photographer's tool?

The internets are buzzing right now with a leak of the Apple Tablet device at Gizmodo. This is a device that falls somewhere between an iPod/iPhone and a netbook but it will be priced more like a laptop. You can also read a summary at Wired and another leak there as well.

So, from a photographer's perspective, what type of creative and practical uses can we see or expect to see from such a device? A few things come to mind, off the top of my head:

First up, from a hardware perspective, it would provide a bigger platform for DSLR Remote control applications. We already have the iPhone application by OnOne software (see it via iTunes (link opens iTunes)), so I can imagine the possibilities increase with a bigger hardware platform to work on.

Next up, fashion, lifestyle and trendy photographers will get "style points" by carrying it out. It may not be practical, but if you work in an area where "branding" is key...

Now back to practical ideas - it could be used to showcase pictures, be it after a shoot or perhaps as a mobile portfolio. Obviously it's just a 10-inch screen, but a 10-inch screen should be big enough to get people to pay attention to your pictures. It may not make the sale, but it can get people interested, which is often half the battle.

What else?

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