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July 29, 2009

You take the megapixels, I take the Nikon D700?

With the barrage of newer DSLRs and M43rds, the Nikon D700 is not getting as much "pub" as it used to. But the new D700 review at Info Sync World reminds us that the D700 is alive and kicking. You lift it up, and don't stop clicking ;-)

ISW is a tech-site, so their reviews have more of a tech-general flavor than say a technorama at dpreview. However, they do have a rather unique style of reviewing, which can be refreshing. They offer plenty of full-size JPEG samples, each one available as an HTML link embedded in their single-page review template.

And there are plenty of other opinions on the D700, we have assembled over 30 reviews and at least a dozen previews at the D700 Review Cluster page.

In terms of availability, the best price we found among the reputable retailers we track is $2350 across the board, including Calumet Photo (add to cart) and itself (sold and shipped by Amazon itself, not 3rd-party sellers).

PS: If the last part of the first paragraph sounds vaguely familiar, it is a paraphrase of a popular 80s song by Simple Minds.

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