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July 09, 2009

Thom Hogan opines on the alleged Nikon roadmap

Yesterday's wishlistic Nikon roadmap is spreading like wildfire on the internets. While most people understand that this is wishlistic (quasi-opposite of realistic), the X-Files factor takes over the emotional side of the brain of the hardcore gadgetologists. We all want to believe!

But Thom Hogan is not mesmerized by the future sirens, in a new post on his website he dissects the roadmap, attaches a rock to it, and drops it next to the swimmer ;-)

Reactions in the forums
In the big Nikon forum at dpreview, one of the veteran forum users calls it a fantasy. If Mariah Carey wrote a song about the rumor, she may have called it a "Sweet Sweet Fantasy baby" ;-)

Meanwhile in the Lenses forum, there is another discussion, where this person has been posting and emailing everyone in the world (it seems) with the same sentence.

And one more discussion, this time in the midrange forum.

We could go on, but I think it's more than enough already :-)

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