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July 02, 2009

Splash into me! Waterproof group test at dpreview (updated)

A very seasonal group test was just posted at dpreview! Five different waterproof cameras were given the group-test treatment. They include entries from Canon, Fuji, Pentax and two from Olympus. It would have been interesting to see the Panasonic FT1/TS1 be part of the test, but for "procurement reasons" they did not include it. Perhaps dpreview needs to start buying cameras from the local shops if they can't get one from the manufacturer. It's not like they are a poor blog and can't afford them! Or they could ask one of the Amazons from around the world to send them one for crying out loud ;-) Photo Review posted a review of the FT1/TS1 in mid-March. That's three and a half months ago!

Cynics, conspiracy theorists, and hardcore Panasonic fans will complain that the real reason why the FT1/TS1 wasn't included can be found in the conclusions ;-)

As you can expect, this has generated a vigorous debate in the dpreview forums. Every other question is about the absence of the Panasonic FT1/TS1, which prompts Simon Joinson to (jokingly we presume) confess that it is because they "love Canon" ;-)

And we just can't have Canon or Nikon losing to the "appliance makers" again, can we? ;-) It's bad for the industry!

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