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July 13, 2009

Sony achieves 32gb MemorySticks, xD is calling, SOS for common sense

With Olympus finally showing some signs of common sense and putting an SDHC card slot in the E-P1, it is now time for Sony to wake up and smell the memory-card roses and offer dual-purpose MemoryStick/SDHC slots in their products. No one is suggesting that they abandon the MemoryStick cold-turkey, but Sony would be amazed to discover how many people may be interested in their Cybershots but they just don't want to have to deal with yet another type of a postage-stamp memory card.

But this post is supposed to talk about the introduction of the new 32gb Memory Stick by Sony. With SDHC cards well into 32gb territory (and Compact Flash too), Sony had to try and keep up. You can read all about the new MemoryStick Pro-HG Duo HX (which seems to pick up new appendages in its name with every new release) at...

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