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July 26, 2009

Ricoh GRD III is officially announced!!!

And as fate would have it, Ricoh has just announced the Ricoh GRD III according to Amateur Photographer UK.

Alpha Mount World has just posted a preview and brief hands-on with the GRD III with a pre-production model. [HOT]

The Ricoh GR Diary has also summarized the new GRD3 and says that they will have a full-review posted in the near future!

After everyone wore out their reload button, the GRD3 has finally appeared at the english-speaking global site of Ricoh. Among other things, there you will find a beautiful 8-page brochure (the link is directly to the PDF file). We recommend the free FoxIt PDF Reader, it loads the PDF file before the Acrobat splashscreen leaves your screen ;-) The website and brochure have tiny web-size samples, which are not exactly particularly helpful at that size. [NEW]

Spanish website has a video and text preview of the camera. We have posted it separately in this new GRD III preview alert. [HOT] [NEW]


Main Ricoh GRD III features
+ 5fps or buffer of five RAW images
+ 28mm f1.9 lens
+ 10mp 1/1.7" CCD sensor (new sensor) - we applaud megapixel-restraint
+ fixed focusing distance with one-push full-press of the shutter button
+ pre-AF feature
+ Ricoh Engine III
+ ISO 64 to 1600
+ shutter priority added
+ dynamic range double-shot (and other CX1 features)
+ 3-inch LCD (920K dots)
+ VGA movie
+ CIPA 370 for (brand new) DB-65 LiIon battery (also takes two AAA for 25 pictures)
+ optional 21mm wide-adapter coming later on
+ optional external TTL flash coming later on
+ weighs 188 grams
+ regular firmware updates

Ricoh GRD III Testable Claims
+ New ISO 200 is at or above the old ISO 100 (page #5 of the brochure)
+ RAW card write speed is under 3 seconds


English-speaking announcements
+ Press release at Insider, Serious Compacts
+ dpreview - UK price is 530 GBP with August release
+ we have not seen a US price yet (but we haven't gone through everything either)
+ a search at Amazon does not find it as of the time of writing

News from Japan
And now it is officially listed at the Ricoh Japan website. This is in Japanese. The english-version of their website is still not updated with the GRD III.

Now the annie has gone live at as well, which talks of an August 5 release! That's like a week from now!

They have also added some tidbits from the Japanese press event at (computer-translated):
+ focus on improving speed and quality
+ multi-faceted improvements on noise (alleged of course)
+ new macro mode
+ they believe this market will expand in the future

Japanese website DC Watch mentions the announcement in Tokyo and talks of an August release (in Japan) and 1/1.7" CCD sensor. They promise details "later".

The initial production output has been revealed in the Japanese press release, it will be 5000 units!

Talking Points Memo
It is interesting how Ricoh approached this announcement. Instead of going to the review mega-sites that some Ricoh fans may feel that they may have not treated Ricoh cameras fairly, Ricoh has gone to the blogosphere...

**** more on the GRD III after we catch up with the new Panasonics ****

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