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July 03, 2009

Pentax K7 news and updates

After about a 20-hour delay, the new Pentax K7 roundup is now complete! There's some good news and some bad news in today's edition - depending of course on your perspective.

Hands on with the Pentax K7
The most in-depth and serious look at the K7 so far has come from Falk Lumo who has posted a number of technical and hands-on posts about the camera. You can check them all out, nicely organized and then summarized in his Conclusions Report. But just because he's a Pentaxian, it doesn't mean five-stars across the board! If you are interested in the K7, this is a must-read series of posts.

A Hong Kong photography magazine put the K7 along with the Canon 50D [reviews] and Nikon D300 [reviews] through a series of autofocus-related tests and Rice High points out, the K7 finished ...last! However, some are pointing out that the test was a little bit of apples and oranges since lenses with different autofocus approaches were used.

It's here! It's here! A photographer received his K7 in Singapore and he is sharing the unboxing and more in the Pentax Forums. There is also a picture of the red Pentax W80, but please note that the W80 is not included in the K7 box :-)

Philip Ryan has posted a hands-on preview of the camera at Pop Photo and his early opinion and disposition may please K7 fan-addicts!

Tech website TechRadar has posted their "review" of the K7. This is a very basic review, but they have used the camera (it seems) and have some nano-tidbits of hands-on feedback with it.

Continuing with the mad-rush-to-post-a-review-at-all-costs, another one of the third-tier review sites has posted a video review of sorts. The "review" is "discussed" in the dpreview forums.

More Pentax K7 action
The camera is getting closer and closer to shipment in the US market. Ned Bunnell posted on his blog that the avalanche has already started. A camera shop in a suburban gateway-to-the-west has received their first load. He suggests not to strategically cancel pre-orders as the release is near.

Yvon Bourque points out that the user manual is now available on the Pentax Imaging website, available in english and in spanish.

And if you are familiar with Pentax DSLRs, you may appreciate this improvement says Yvon at his blog.

A high ISO test, in a PDF file in German (!) is discussed in the dpreview forums. It's a big PDF file, so don't open it with a "fragile" computer or overloaded browser. For PDF viewing, we use the FoxIt Reader, it's much faster than the Adobe bloatware Reader!

The Pentax USA rebate promotion explained
As you may recall, at announcement time, Pentax USA revealed that there will be a special rebate promotion inside the box that gets you discounts on select Pentax lenses and accessories.

Pentax USA chief photographer Ned Bunnell goes into details on his blog explaining the promotions available in the K7 box. He also has a copy of the rebate card so you can study it ahead of time.

One important thing to note is that the promotion is retroactive as of June 1st, so if you purchased a qualifying product already (eg lens on June 20), and you get the K7 on July 7, you still qualify for the rebate on the lens.

Waiting for the K7 release
As Ned mentioned in his blog, the camera is gearing up for shipment in the USA. The three major retailers are all accepting orders, and as we noted earlier, B&H Photo usually accepts orders only when the camera is close to start shipping. As of the time of writing of this blog post, here is where we stand (or sit):

+ Amazon - says "ships July 7" but don't hold your breath
+ B&H Photo - accepting orders
+ Adorama - accepting orders

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