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July 12, 2009

Pentax K7 in-stock status matrix (both WR kit lenses shipping!)

In order to keep better tabs on the stock status of the Pentax K7, we are launching this new stock-status matrix, in similar fashion to the E-P1 matrix. We have also added some Pentax lenses below. The lens list is just a sampling, it is by no means comprehensive. If there is a lens you strongly believe should be listed, please let us know. Please keep in mind that the price and availability is not updated automatically!

Latest update: Fri December 3, 2010 at 5:30pm EST - Lowest prices are $800 for body-only and $930 for kit with lens. Thanks to one of our readers for the price-alert... Please note the lens prices in the second table are no longer updated due to time constraints

Pentax K7 in-stock status
Pentax K7In-StockPre-Order
Pentax K-7
body + 18-55mm DA WR lens
Adorama ($929)
B&H Photo ($980)
Amazon ($1000 via 3rd parties)
J&R World ($1000)
Pentax K-7
body-only (opened at $1300)
Amazon ($800)
J&R World ($869)
Adorama ($869)
B&H Photo ($869)
Beach Audio ($973)
Best Buy ($1100)
Calumet Photo (gone)
battery grip
J&R World
B&H Photo
Best Buy
Calumet Photo (gone)
Pentax D-LI90 battery
started at $60
B&H Photo
Best Buy
Calumet Photo

Some Pentax lenses (latest price update: Thur December 14, 2009)
Pentax lensesIn-stockPreOrder
Pentax 18-55 WR DAAdorama ($150)
Amazon ($160 via J&R)
J&R World ($160)
B&H Photo ($180)
Pentax 50-200 WR DAAmazon ($211, 3rd parties)
J&R World ($219)
Adorama ($230)
B&H Photo ($250)
Pentax 18-250 DAAmazon (gone)
B&H Photo (discontinued)
Pentax 16-50 f2.8 SDMB&H Photo ($745)
Adorama ($745)
Amazon ($745)
Calumet (PX0712) ($770)
Pentax 50-135 f2.8 SDMB&H Photo ($820)
Adorama ($820)
Amazon ($820)
Calumet (px0718) ($850)

1. Prices and availability are not updated automatically, other than the colorful widget at the top of the first table.
2. The lens prices are listed as indicators, we do not check them daily.
3. No disrespect to any of the lenses not listed above. Unfortunately we don't have unlimited time.
4. For Calumet Photo, the product number is listed in parenthesis, so you can quickly find it by pasting it into the Calumet search-box (it hasn't been added to the affiliate product catalog yet).
5. If no price is listed next to a retailer's name, it means they are offering it at the standard price which is shown in the leftmost column under the product name.
6. For Amazon, and, be sure to check who the seller is. Both of them have open marketplace, where third-party sellers, big and small can sell to. If you are not familiar with a particular 3rd-party seller, it is a very good idea to research them first.

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