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July 06, 2009

Olympus E-P1, lenses and accessories in-stock matrix

Now that the camera has started shipping, it is time to launch the Olympus E-P1 in-stock matrix, showing the places that have the camera in-stock and shipping. Please note that prices and availability on the table below are not updated automatically! For quick references and bookmarking, here is the permalink. You may also find interesting the GF1 and Panasonic lenses stock-status matrix.

Latest Update: Tue June 1 at 1:32am EST - To speed up updates, we won't be updating the lens and accessory prices. The lens table has its own "latest update' date... For Calumet Photo, search for the product code next to their name

Olympus E-P1 kits in-stock
Olympus E-P1 KitIn-StockPre-Order
w/14-42mm silver-black ($800)Amazon ($600 via 3rd parties)
Adorama ($600)
Calumet (OM05002) ($650) (3rd parties)
J&R World ($699) ($700, sold out)
B&H Photo (gone)
OneCall (gone)
w/17mm f2.8 + VF1 ($900) ($670 via 17th Street)
Adorama ($669)
Amazon ($682)
J&R World ($750)
OneCall ($800)
B&H Photo (gone)
w/17mm plus FL-14
B&H Photo (gone)
w/14-42mm white-silver ($800)J&R World
Amazon (gone)
Adorama (gone)
w/14-42mm silver-silver ($800)Calumet (OM05003) ($600)
Amazon ($600, 3rd parties)
Adorama (gone) (gone)
B&H Photo (gone)
body-only ($750)Amazon ($489 via 17th Street) ($539 via 17th Street)
Adorama ($550)
Calumet (OM05000) ($585)
B&H Photo ($586)
J&R World ($612)

Olympus E-P1 Lenses & Accessories shipping (latest update: Jan-4, 2010)
Olympus E-P1 AccessoriesIn-stockPre-Order
17mm f2.8 pancake ($300)Amazon ($277)
Adorama ($278) ($272)
J&R World ($284)
Beach Audio ($284)
B&H Photo ($278) ($275)
NewEgg ($280)
14-42mm black ($300)B&H Photo ($270)
Amazon ($275) ($277 via 3rd party)
Adorama ($270)
J&R Worldicon
14-42mm silver ($300)Amazon ($300)
B&H Photo ($285)
Adorama $285)
MMF1 (43-to-M43 adapter) ($180)J&R World
MF2 (OM adapter) ($170)Amazon
J&R World
B&H Photo
FL14 flash ($200)Amazon
J&R World
B&H Photo
VF1 OVF ($100)Amazon
B&H Photo
J&R World

1. The listing of "Amazon (3rd parties)" means that the item shows as in-stock at Amazon from one of the named 3rd-party sellers, such as J&R, 17th Street, Adorama, Cameta, etc.
2. The listing of "Amazon" means that itself has the item in-stock. It may or may not be also available from 3rd-party sellers.
3. If buying from third-party sellers at or, be sure to check who the third-party sellers are. Some of them are well-known like Calumet, J&R, Vanns, OneCall, etc, while others are not. If you are not familiar with a particular 3rd-party seller, don't assume - look into them first!

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