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July 06, 2009

Olympus E620 gets its due with the new dpreview review (parties in the streets!)

The Olympus fans are singing today, "I never thought that this day would ever come"! Yes, E620 fans, today is your big day! dpreview has posted their 32-page review of the Olympus E620, and their findings are offering startling new conclusions for the unbelievers and E620 detractors.

As you may recall from the T1i/500D and D5000 reviews, those three cameras were reviewed as a virtual group, so the E620 test pages include plenty of comparisons with the T1i and D5000, along with the Panasonic G1 and its predecessor, the E520.

The E620 was officially announced in late February 2009, and on announcement day, based on the specs alone, we half-jokingly offered this "opinion":

"Early Opinion KR-style: This is the only DSLR you will ever need! ;-)"

However, as the sample pictures started coming out and the noise comparisons made the e-rounds, the Noisy Negativists could not but point out the noise differences in the comparisons. Olympus users would counter that what matters are the real-world pictures you take with the E620, not how a tiny crop of a test chart or a test scene compares. A crop that will never get printed or displayed anywhere. Plus, under certain conditions, sensor-shift can give you more flexibility when there is enough light.

But now, dpreview's review duo is singing the praises of the E620, going in KR-mode as well, not only calling it the best Four Thirds camera yet, but also the most competitive. Heavy praise considering the E1, E3 and E30!

Of course not everyone will be happy. Some die-hard Olympus users would have preferred if this review conclusion came from Phil and Simon themselves ;-)

Thanks to everyone for sending the tips in! We got a late start today!

Further Reading
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Best Olympus E620 prices
+ 2-lens kit (14-42 + 40-150mm): $750 by Beach and Crutchfield on Amazon, $760 at B&H Photo

+ standard kit (w/14-42): $650 by Beach on Amazon, $660 at B&H Photo

+ body-only: $577 at, $600 by various on Amazon

+ Price-Check at BizRate/ShopZilla

Reactions to the review
We start with the big discussion thread in the Olympus forums, it has already surpassed 100 posts, and one of the reviewers is there to answer questions.

And because we can never get enough "full frame threads", here is another edition, Olympus vs full frame. The latter of course refers to "35mm full frame", since the phrase "full frame" on its own does not really mean anything size-wise unless it is ...framed ;-)

A small discussion of the review has started at Four Thirds User, a site that specializes on all things 43M43.

That's all we could find, although obviously, we can't check every single one of the thousands of photography forums and websites out there.

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