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July 22, 2009

New Olympus Stylus 7010 and 7020 look for place under the sun

In yet another disturbing trend, just six months after the announcement of the Stylus 7000 at CES 2009, Olympus has announced two nearly identical replacement models. We find it extremely idiotic disappointing to see waves of future e-waste that offers mostly cosmetic differences over its predecessors and it is completely unnecessary at such a short lifecycle.

With their weatherproofness gone, and the "Tough" series toughening up, the traditional Olympus Stylus cameras are having a hard time to distinguish themselves from the rest of the camera population, since they have to deal with the inherent disadvantage of xD. But that didn't scare away Olympus, who has announced two more of them, the generally available Olympus Stylus 7010 and the harder to find Stylus 7020.

We'll start with the 7020 since that's the one most people haven't heard of. It is more or less the same as the 7010, except it has a larger LCD display (3-inch) and HDMI-out. Not quite sure why there is a need for two separate models here. Just pick a screen-size and have the HDMI-port, it's not rocket science! If you are in the US market, wipe your tears away, this camera is not available! You can learn more about it via CNet Asia and PhotoScala.

Olympus Stylus 7010
Following up on the Stylus 7000, which was announced at CES 2009, and continuing on this very disturbing six-month cycle, Olympus is now revealing the Stylus 7010.

Just like all the new Oly cameras from today, it uses the 12mp 1/2.33" sensor, whic is obviously overkill for most of the consumers looking at sub-$200 digital cameras. The lens is a 7X with sensor-shift image stabilization, but it's a good 7X as it starts at 28mm wide and goes almost up to 200mm (eq).

The 7010, with its 2.7" LCD undercuts the 7000 in price, it will start selling at $200 in your choice of three colors. The 7000 has a 3-inch display and currently goes for around $230.

One thing that will please regular Olympus buyers is that all these new cameras announced today are using the LI-42B battery, so if you are in a multiple-Olympus-camera household, you can mix and match batteries! The downside is that this battery rarely gets more than 200 CIPA shots, which is one of the trade-offs you make when you design smaller and stylish-type of cameras.

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