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July 22, 2009

New Olympus FE-5020 and FE-4000 start at 24mm and 26mm wide

Olympus is now taking the lead in offering wide-angle for affordable compacts, as their two new cameras, the Olympus FE-5020 and FE-4000 start at 24mm and 26mm wide respectively and offer an actual alternative to the typical P&S models that usually start at 28mm and beyond. (The focus-lengths are of course "equivalent" to 35mm, not actual 35mm).

The leader of this duo, the FE-5020 starts at a very reasonable price of $160, and offers a 5X optical zoom lens that starts at 24mm wide (nice!). Yes wide-angle fans, this humble P&S has a 24-120mm lens!!! It has a 12mp sensor (oy vey), with a 2.7" LCD. As with all the new Oly releases today, it's only xD and microSD, sadly, no SD/SDHC which is what the vast majority of photographers use these days. It is available in blue, red and dark-grey/black.

The FE-4000 costs just $10 less, at $150, and has a 4X optical-zoom lens that starts at 26mm wide. It is available in magenta, pearly-white and dark-gray.

Both are using the TruePIC III engine, and Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, more specifically, the LI-42B.

It's not often that we say this, but pending reviews of course, these could be handy carry-around point-and-shoot models if you like to take wide-angle shots. Just don't expect the lens to perform the same way a Canon 35mm Lens does!

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