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July 29, 2009

New Kodak Easyshare M381, M341, C190 and C182 P&S models

We are officially in what we call "Fauxtokina" season, the build-up time to what is the Photokina trade show on even-years. Regardless of whether it's a Photokina year or not, the waves of new cameras seem to start during the same time.

Today, Kodak adds their new P&S models to the ocean of shiny-silvers. They have two M-series P&S models, the M381 and the M341, and two C-series models, the C190 and C182. These are rather boring, so more on them after the jump.

New Kodak M381 and M341
The Easyshare M381 features a 12mp 1/2.3" sensor (oy vey), with a 5X optical zoom lens (35-175mm eq), a 3-inch LCD display (230K), 30fps VGA video, and the usual assortment of features you would expect from the M-series.

Its sidekick is the M341, which has a 3X optical zoom lens instead that has the rather traditional digicam equivalent range of 35-105mm.

Both cameras are expected to be released in September, and you can already pre-order them at Amazon. The M341 goes for $160, while the M381, which lists for $190, has something rare - a pre-order discount on the day it is announced! You can pre-order it for $173 at

New Kodak C190 and C182
The C-series is the most affordable and entry-level cameras in the Kodak line-up and they do take AA batteries, which can be a matter of convenience for some.

The Easyshare C190 offers a 12mp sensor, a 5X optical zoom (35-175mm eq), but a 2.7" LCD display, face detection and things like that. It is expected to come out in September, and you can pre-order it for $140.

Its sidekick is the Easyshare C182, which surprise-surprise actually has a bigger LCD display, a 3-incher, but it has a smaller lens, a 3X that goes from 35-105mm 32-96mm (corrected, see comment #1). The sensor is like all the other ones, a 12mp 1/2.3". Oy vey! If 12 full-frame megapixels are good enough for hot-shooting stars like the Nikon D3 and D700, why on earth are these basic P&S critters having 12mp? But I digress...

The camera is available for pre-order for $120 at Amazon.

Further Reading
But that's not all. Kodak has also announced two new digital picture frames, another Flip-competitor, and another attempt at a personal media player of sorts. You can see them all summarized together at the Imaging Insider.

You can find all the new and current models at the official Kodak website. Kodak seems to have gotten much better at getting their cameras online the moment they are announced :)

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