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July 22, 2009

New Fuji A220 and A170 eat AAs and cost $100 or less

It looks like the prices of these two new AA-based Fuji A-series digital cameras are in lock-step with the new AA-based Olympus FE-46 and FE-26. That's right, new cameras, with a zoom lens are coming out of the gate under $100. I guess one way to fend-off camera-phones is to sell cameras for less :)

The main difference between the new Fuji A220 and the new A170 appears to be the number of megapixels. The A220 has twelve and the A200 has ten. Not sure how much sense it makes to have that many megapixels at this price-point, but that's another story for another day.

Yes, if you noticed that we are getting tougher on camera manufacturers, you are right. The spin stops here! :)

The cameras has a modest-mouse 3X optical zoom lens (32-96mm eq), a 2.7" LCD, and unlike their former xD-friends of Olympus, they take SD/SDHC which is widely available and has a high market penetration.

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