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July 07, 2009

ISO Wars: Sigma DP2 takes on Micro Four Thirds (E-P1 and G1)

With the sensor sizes being very close (Foveon at 1.7X and M43rds at 2X), you betcha that the ISO comparison of cameras of that ilk will be very interesting! And that is a preface to the ISO-crop comparison posted at this Stanford website as spotlighted at Serious Compacts. It is the Stanford experiment, ISO-style! It squares off the Sigma DP2, Panasonic G1 and the Olympus E-P1. And also, please note, there are three sets of tests, look at the top of the destination page for the links to each test.

Of course hardcore fans of 35mm-full-frame may look at this and say "Thanks but no thanks, we will stick with 35mmFF", while others will point out that every camera and every lens is a series of trade-offs and compromises, matched up against a complicated matrix of preferences and real and imagined use-case scenarios. Let's not forget the great Ansel Adams did not have any of the advanced tech we have today.

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